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  1. It has been a while. Didnt get much further on the grp4. Smashed my rallycar up end of season 2016. We decided to repear her and that took one winter and spring. changed the colour in Olympic blue as the grp4 is going to be a Roger clark "lilo" replica. Last winter we rebuild the garage,nocked out a wall and reorgenized everything botten few pics of the crashdamage and one of the car in action again.
  2. Had a bit of a leaf spring problem before the start of the tarmacrally . They wore bent Mounted some std 1100 leafs and Rhen this is the result during the fight back in to the top 10. Had a lot of fun. And the croud also Mounted new heavier leafs and going to test them oncoming weekend during a small rally in belgium (kasterlee ). Best regards Michel
  3. Did have a good time. ...shame there were no flags to complete the crewstand
  4. Happy birthday. Hope you had a great day
  5. bought one last year for a friends price of 350 euro.....after searching for 10 years, somethimes i see them on ebay, good luck
  6. It was great. Thanks . Next year again
  7. Nice idea. please talk to one of us Sunday. We sort something out
  8. Please some osf hoodies. With dutch crew on it.... on Sunday Please lol
  9. Brought te new grp4 to the medium blaster yesterday .putting him in black etsprimer against rust
  10. nobody intersted for the 6j magnesium minilites? if not i leave them at home.
  11. I might bring it over to you on thursday evening jp. You know I do a lot for a cup of Coffee. Hahaha
  12. Dammmmn. Hit a mailbox in full oversteer last februari So then i bought aan t34 escos turbo.... New summer project. Winter is to cold for outside tinkering
  13. Some pics. cleared the Block of the red paint
  14. Done a lot since last time. Body is going to medium blasting in 2 weeks. But very busy buying parts. Bought a original aloy bdg block and a New oldstock bdg Head Going to get parts from wilcox in a few weeks. ......
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