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  1. I'd say it's one of these three: Dragoon Red Monaco Red Red II 65 What does the colour code on the VIN say?
  2. I take it you are talking about interior trims if so C pillar trims were never available in black for 4 door MKII Escorts. B pillar trims in black were available and are the most common colour so they should be an easy find.
  3. Yeah early 1100 Popular (and I think Popular Plus) had drum brakes all round. Worth keeping the original drum brake struts as they are a rare part for a MKII.
  4. I look forward to seeing the progress on this, it looks a solid car. It's a nice colour (the paint name is Jupiter Red in case you didn't know) and a bonus that it's fitted with the Tan trim which always makes a MKII feel a liitle more upmarket. I'd say it will of had the FORD lettered chrome surround grille as not only does the boot lid have the letters but also the steering wheel is the early one with Escort on it, the MKII's with the blue oval on the grilles also had a blue oval on the steering wheel. The FORD lettered grilles do come up on ebay from time to time.
  5. It's Tuscan Beige. I saw this on ebay looks a lovely straight unmessed with car.
  6. Nothing geeky about this at all it's all part of owning a classic car. The amount of production changes that occurred with the MKII Escort between 1975 and 1980 is massive. That's one thing I love about the MKII's with all the production changes made, options offered and the wide range of paint and trim colours available it's actually hard to find two that are the same.
  7. In The Pit


    I may well be facing the same dilemma in the future as I have a MKII Escort GL in Purple Velvet still in it's factory paint and I have thought the same in that resprayed Fords in Purple Velvet look too deep, too dark and too bright. The reason I think for this is that owners/sprayers aren't aware that most of the metallics were single coat not two coat that is the case with my MKII as only the Ghia models came in two coat metallics. Yours being an E could be either I would say it was single coat as I think Ford were just starting with two coat metallics when they launched the MKII Escort in 1975. However I have heard that the first batch of 1300E's were sprayed at South Ockendon as Halewood couldn't get the process right so they could be two coat. I shall be getting my MKII done in a single coat metallic as the car is and will be staying totally standard. I shall try and look into whether the 1300E was single or two coat for you but I know more on the MKII than the MKI Another reason for the difference in resprays could be the use of the wrong colour primer, it should be grey with Purple Velvet. The inside of your cars bootlid is the best place to see what the original colour would have looked like as it's hidden from the sun and not usually damaged.
  8. Don't throw it out they can be repaired. The silver and black FORD lettered grilles are harder to find than the the all black blue oval ones so people who have an early MKII Escort find it harder to get hold of an original grille for their car. Replacement grilles from Ford were I believe the all black blue ovals only and years ago some people weren't keen on the FORD lettered ones and they fitted the newer all black badged ones (with snobby owners fitting them to make the cars look newer). Not many people know this but there is actually a third type of grille that was a cross between the two and thats actually the rarest MKII grille and not the FORD as most people will tell you. If you don't find a buyer on here then ebay is the way forward.
  9. As mentioned if they are in brown and in good condition I wouldn't recover in black as black are the common ones where as the brown ones are harder to find (they came in two different shades of brown 'chocolate 76' and 'bitter chocolate'). If you wanted black then sell the brown and with the money buy some in black. You mention your car is brown and brown MKII's were available with a brown interior so it would be period correct colour wise (although not sure on MKI Escorts).
  10. Thanks for the extra photographs the car looks nice, tell me do you have the original wheels for the car? as the ones on it are either RS or Capri alloys, originally it would have had sport steels with chrome rim embellishers these are the silver and black ones that are sometimes called dartboards.
  11. Personally i'd repaint the original steels, you can't beat the ford sport steels (dartboards) but it's up to you, the good thing about changing the wheels is that it's not permanent so you can always change back if you don't like them or want to sell the car on.
  12. Great that it passed. If you look under the rear drivers side of the car (under where the petrol tank sits in the boot) you'll see the petrol pipe coming out of the bottom of the tank this can be undone using a spanner and the petrol will just pour out (no need to remove the tank) however you will need something like a builders bucket or an old washing up bowl to catch the fuel in as it will come out fast and may splash. As I said in my previous post any chance of some more photos, as I could be interested depending on price/condition thanks.
  13. So did it pass? It looks and sounds a very nice car. The air filter is missing in the photo's, if it's been missing for a long time debris may have gotten in to the carb making it run rough. With regard to the bonnet prop grommet you can get new ones from ebay. The colour looks to be Sierra Beige, it would be nice to see some more photographs.
  14. I have a 1971 Ford Colour Guide and it lists a colour called 'Light Grey' this is available with black or ruby trim, I notice yours has the ruby trim (rare). I've also looked up the colour code for Light Grey and it's 'D' what is the colour code on your VIN? Personally i'd keep it that colour it's nice and unusual plus there are loads of MKI Escorts in white out there.
  15. Car could easily be saved I was expecting the photos to be much worst. I would sell the conversion parts separately but sell the 1100 parts and any of the original parts of the interior, external trim etc with the car that way your selling it as a complete car albeit a dismantled one, that way if someone wants to put it back to standard they can and also they won't have to go through the process of locating and purchasing everything to build up the car.
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