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  1. It could be that the article is Mike's real opinion and the fact that Wheeler Dealers modify cars just goes to show that Mike (and Ed/Ant) get very little say in what actually happens to the cars, with this being a producers decision.
  2. The Daily Express have (yesterday) published an article about the modification of classic cars and how it can affect their value, the MKI Escort is used as an example. A good point made about keeping the original parts safe so they can be sold with the car in the future. Link Here
  3. In The Pit

    Black plates

    Interesting to read that the rolling number plate exemption was in fact a mistake but they are not reverting back to a 1973 cut off so as not to cause owners the cost of new yellow/white number plates. Personally i'm glad they have stopped them rolling each year they look silly on cars from about 1972 onwards from the late 60's most cars were fitted with the new yellow/white plates (period photographs and Tv shows/films can confirm this). I also see that the Euro symbol is no longer allowed to be displayed on newly made plates from 1/1/21 (i'm guessing the Union/English/Scottish/Welsh/Nor
  4. It would be pretty hard to find a black MKIV as they weren't available in black, however Ford made some as SVO's. The photo Vista posted is a Midnight Blue one.
  5. You're doing the right thing keeping it standard. So few standard MKI and II's left now, I think they always look best how Ford intended.
  6. Thanks for sharing, you've had a nice variety of cars there. My favorite is the red Ghia, love that red interior. Last taxed in 2003 so I guess it's long gone.
  7. To double confirm the colour is Neptune Blue from the picture and the fact it's a March 1976 Ghia. Worth noting it's a rare colour and a nice one at that, hope you're keeping it. Out of interest what colour is the interior? the few Neptune Blue ones i've seen normally had black.
  8. A standard 1978 Escort Ghia would have had one remote drivers door mirror as standard from the factory. The Ghia had a lot extra sound proofing than standard Escorts including under the carpet
  9. I take it you are talking about interior trims if so C pillar trims were never available in black for 4 door MKII Escorts. B pillar trims in black were available and are the most common colour so they should be an easy find.
  10. Yeah early 1100 Popular (and I think Popular Plus) had drum brakes all round. Worth keeping the original drum brake struts as they are a rare part for a MKII.
  11. I look forward to seeing the progress on this, it looks a solid car. It's a nice colour (the paint name is Jupiter Red in case you didn't know) and a bonus that it's fitted with the Tan trim which always makes a MKII feel a liitle more upmarket. I'd say it will of had the FORD lettered chrome surround grille as not only does the boot lid have the letters but also the steering wheel is the early one with Escort on it, the MKII's with the blue oval on the grilles also had a blue oval on the steering wheel. The FORD lettered grilles do come up on ebay from time to time.
  12. Nothing geeky about this at all it's all part of owning a classic car. The amount of production changes that occurred with the MKII Escort between 1975 and 1980 is massive. That's one thing I love about the MKII's with all the production changes made, options offered and the wide range of paint and trim colours available it's actually hard to find two that are the same.
  13. In The Pit


    I may well be facing the same dilemma in the future as I have a MKII Escort GL in Purple Velvet still in it's factory paint and I have thought the same in that resprayed Fords in Purple Velvet look too deep, too dark and too bright. The reason I think for this is that owners/sprayers aren't aware that most of the metallics were single coat not two coat that is the case with my MKII as only the Ghia models came in two coat metallics. Yours being an E could be either I would say it was single coat as I think Ford were just starting with two coat metallics when they launched the MKII Escort in
  14. As mentioned if they are in brown and in good condition I wouldn't recover in black as black are the common ones where as the brown ones are harder to find (they came in two different shades of brown 'chocolate 76' and 'bitter chocolate'). If you wanted black then sell the brown and with the money buy some in black. You mention your car is brown and brown MKII's were available with a brown interior so it would be period correct colour wise (although not sure on MKI Escorts).
  15. Thanks for the extra photographs the car looks nice, tell me do you have the original wheels for the car? as the ones on it are either RS or Capri alloys, originally it would have had sport steels with chrome rim embellishers these are the silver and black ones that are sometimes called dartboards.
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