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  1. 1300 ghia, paid £160 for it in 1995, and £40 on purple paint!! thought it was a good idea at the time
  2. Most of my mates are into their motors like me but i do get the raised eyebrows when i go on about old skool stuff
  3. Sounds cool there is also a mk1 being fitted with a 2.8 from a bmw on here. Whats your plans for use when its done? drag/drift/mental toy
  4. Very nice looks like its in good condition too.
  5. Using a hole swager. It flares the edges and adds strength! Doing the bigger holes is a bit of a pain though. Nice 1 simon, as always your work is top quality and the arch's look the the round ones
  6. How do you get the finish on your holes so good mate??
  7. As above mate i now use adams gas, delivered to your door
  8. This months classic ford has done an article on this I used H&H on my x-flow and will be using them on my pinto to
  9. Hi Ash.... long time no see. Is that Sarah's old one? Yes mate it changed hands a couple of times but i ended up with it. Off topic but did you find the owner of the motor in dartford you was after?? i asked around but no joy.
  10. Very nice mate Looks like mine only with more work done to it
  11. Top vids Did you manage to catch the run that Glenbo did with a passenger? was just before the cortina crashed.
  12. ...Glenbo for taking my mother in-law for a passenger ride at Santa pod today Thanks to Mk2Jo for arranging it for me And to KJ who was willing to back off the power but i dont think anyone really believed him We all had a great time today and if it wasn't for the rain stopping play we would have hung around for longer. Thanks all Ash
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