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  1. Sorted this yesterday. And thank god it was something REALLY silly! After getting her on axle stands and having a good nosey round, I found that the bolts holding the gearbox to the back of the engine, a couple were well and truly loose, and the rest were only hand tight!!! So im guessing that when the clutch was depressed, the tension on the cable was enough to bolt te box out of line slightly and catch something, hence the whirring noise. There doesnt seem to be any dipping revs at the moment, maybe whatever was catching was causing it to labour the engine slightly? It was hunting before, and that seems to have calmed down as well. And whilst I had her on te stands, I checked every nut and bolt that I could see on the engine. I did find most of the sump securing bolts were only hand tight, which would explain the oil leak from there. Which i'll keep an eye on to see if its cured. This engine was only rebuilt a year ago by a mechanic hired by the previous owner. I think i'll be emailing the guy I bought it off to pre-wan him where he takes his cars in the future.
  2. Just had a quick drive in it to take it round the back of our land. When the clutch is pressed, it makes a rough whirring sound, no idling problems, although these could be just when the engines warm so i'll leave it ticking over for a bit afterwards...
  3. Just an update on this: I just fired the car up, she fired up without any hassle, but idled slightly higher than normal. The revs dipped a bit when the clutch was pressed, but no where near as much. Also I turned the steering wheel, and the revs dipped even further. Which struck me as odd.
  4. I'll get a new exhaust on her, but it doesnt seem tha thats the problem anymore as its only happening when the clutch pedals pressed down, it idles fine otherwise.
  5. This only started happening today straight after I hit a speed hump and jarred one of my mid silencers. When idling, the car cuts out most of the time, and somethings come ajar on the mid silencer as its making a right racket. Could this cause the car to cut out? But once i'd parked it up, and started it, the exhaust didnt make the noise (assuming it was just sitting right if a welds gone etc) and it maintained a healthy 950rpm. As before it was sitting at 500 and conking out. Any ideas? I was on the lookout for a new system anyways as there has always been a slight 'noise' on the one silencer. Just to add, ive just had a quick look again, and fired her up, she only dips really low on revs when the clutch is down, shes fine if in neutral with the clutch pedal untouched.
  6. Mine are a tad rusty, and I wouldnt mind a new set to colour code as well. Not madly bothered if theyre not genuine; are there any places that will sell them? im keeping an eye out on ebay, but a tad worried about the quality of repro's unless they come recommended. Second hands fine if there are any resources for these, not bothered if theyre tatty, as i'll be prepping/spraying them anyways. Thanks in advance!
  7. How much of a job is it to re-seal the screen afterwards? The laminate on the one corner has started coming away and moisture has got in, its only minimal, but I wouldnt mind a new screen in there anyways. Would a standard insurance policy cover this do you reckon? If I paid the excess on windscreen cover, took it out, did the job, and booked it to have a new screen?
  8. I can weld, I was just hoping that it wouldnt come to that, if its the only option though, i'll have to have a bash at it.
  9. The section between the bonnet and windscreen anyway. When I bought the car just over a month ago, she had some blistering here, so I took it down and found that it had been filled before. So I wire wheeled all the rust away, used U-pol zinc primer very generously, then filled over, shaped, primed with celly primer, and used a rattle can to base coat. Now this only a few weeks ago, the base coat has lifted (only a very tiny patch) and exposed the primer whis has turned orange. What would be the best solution for this? Aside from grafting a new scuttle panel in, which I really dont want to have to source and do. Any advice, much appreciated J.
  10. joe_g


    The engine had a rebuild about 6 months ago with the previous owner. Ive taken onboard all the advice, i dont think I can justify £5-600 for a nitrous kit, for 25bhp extra. When I could spend the money uprating the braking/suspension, in preparation for an engine swap.
  11. Would hammerite work on the plastic though? The bumpers are coming off this week for a full strip, fill any dings and a spray up, so I was gonna hammerite them for a durable finish. And I might remove the strips altogether later on in the year, but for now, ive got plenty of niggles to fix up on her, so I can spend the summer driving her rather than fixing her more
  12. Sightly. But one of the door strips has gone mega grey. Heat didnt bring them up at all.
  13. joe_g


    I think i'll give it a miss then if I stand to break something Becoming impatient over getting more out of the car
  14. Has anyone ever done this? Mine are looking a bit tired with age, bumper gels not made much difference, and theyve not responded to a bit of heat neither. Thought about spraying them up, acrylic primer, then a satin black base coat of some description. But im worried the results would turn out poor. I'd probably just do them with a rattle can, or would 2k make a difference? The only downer is that I will be doing them on the car, due to them being a nightmare to get back on. But i'll be masking up the surrounding area fully. Thanks in advance
  15. joe_g


    Worth a go? Engine transplants a no-no until next year. What sort of difference would Nitrous make to a 2.8i? Thanks in advance
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