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  1. 1964 Ford Anglia 105e Very reluctant sale, I have owned the car for over 3 years and its almost complete Cortina GT engine (1500 pre Xflow), lots of new parts, front coilovers with brake disc conversion, lowering blocks at rear, almost new revolution wheels, mountry steering wheel, rare recaro streets Complete car, absolutely solid body and chassis, you will struggle to find one as solid as this but needs re-painting. All steel including front wings, the car was completely restored around 10 years ago, has a light skim of filler in places and this must have reacted as the paint is cracking in places plus someone has also fitted a sunroof in the past Interior needs some work, different switches added which work but doesn't look great... just being honest! Runs, drives and stops but carb needs setting up, one core plug leaks a bit when hot and the front crank seal also weeps (have parts just no time to sort) Its been off the road for some time so the buyer would need a trailer to collect I have also lost the log book, I have the old V5 however since changing to tax exempt I have misplaced the new log book, will try to find for the new owner Loads of old paperwork, restoration photos receipts MOT history etc Asking price is £4500 ovno No timewasters or messers please, if painted and interior tidied this cargo would be 10k all day long The chassis on this car is 100% solid and needs NO welding Would easily be ready for this show season Please message or call on 07933701054 for more details & pics
  2. Hi All I am after a pre crossflow 4 branch manifold, would even consider xflow manifold and believe this can be easily modified to fit Thanks
  3. Hi there I am after a set of wheels for my Anglia 105e. Ideally after some revolutions but also would be interested in Allycats, banded steels etc Anything considered, cash waiting Message or text me on 07933701054 Thanks Chris
  4. Very reluctant sale of my 1964 Ford Anglia 105e. Very reluctant sale, rolling project which is almost complete, starts, drives and stops lovely and still has a short mot on it. Body, chassis 100% solid (you will struggle finding better), good 1500 pre xflow engine, all gears work, front brake disc conversion, many new parts Just needs some tidying up such as interior and paint work needs some attention More pictures are available on request, also comes with heap of magazines, some old photos and MOT certifciates Please feel free to message or call on 07933701054 Looking at close offers of around £4500 ono
  5. Hi Everyone I am after some 13 inch alloys wheels for my Anglia 105e I like Revolutions, Minilites, RS 4 spokes If anyone has a set to sell please let me know Thanks Chris
  6. Thanks for the link, managed to open it, I have found the car in question, looks interesting, I will give the seller a shout Thanks for the info guys
  7. Hi Everyone Really hankering for a 105e Anglia, something all there but needed some TLC etc Tel: 07842157264 chris_Lubbock@Hotmail.co.uk Thanks Chris
  8. funny enough I actually work in the shipping and freight forwarding industry and I have noticed a massive increase in particular South African imported vehicles and its not hard to see why. Prices in ZA vary between £500.00 - £3000.00 for 2 door examples and there are plenty about. I am actually interested in this myself, to make it worth while, for not much more money on the freight and duties, taxes, you could fit 2+ vehicles in 1 x 40ft container The only snag I can see is, you need eyes on the ground or an agent out there to source the vehicles, its all well and good making a deal on the net but would you risk the money on paying/arranging transport/freight etc for a car/s you haven't even seen?
  9. Lovely car if only I had the money, slightly more than my budget
  10. Hi Guys / Girls I am after a 105e for resto - budget of 2k tops Please PM me if you have anything Many thanks Chris
  11. Old Skool ford wanted, only have a budget of 2k max, ideally wanted MK1/2 Escort, 105E or Cortina, cash waiting!
  12. Hi there I have a 1974 Escort MK1 in Diamond White and the colou code is B5. I need to get some paint and I am being told this is not the correct code, has anyone got any ideas and this is the code on the Vin plate??
  13. UPDATE Now running, replaced condensor and points and then had a good strong spark. Adjusted timing a bit to get running and after 8 years sitting idle sounds very nice and smooth, no smoke either. Just need to set timing properly but that will be another job when i have a srobe light
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