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  1. I'm in...... Granada Mk1 this year And camping with the Essex. Oldskoolford gang...... 1. Vista 2. dalmarshall 3. Benjy 4. Paulfosk 5. Brettp 6. Mk2 mike 7. Rallye 8. Scootlife 9. Mattsbmw 10. SebringRS 11. Skippy 12. Bazoff72 13. Marky4 14. Oggy 69 15. XjamesX 16. Deltamal 17. Seaneylad 18. DanXR2 19. khanlad 20. Bill Stein 21. Buzzard 22. Tel1972 23. FiestaGuy 24. Classicwhitey (OSFDC) 25. Bry with a y 26. MK2Frenchlady 27. Bigfish 28. 100ebob 29. Deadly456 30. Rossmk2 maybe 2 OSFs yet 31. mrk2ghiadal 32. Savvi 33. 123Escorts 34. Cos30 35. Norm1 36. PCOE
  2. Aww mate Sorry to hear that..... I was devastated when my retriever had to go after 15 years
  3. That was a great meet last night eh guys The rain didn't put many off either
  4. The Apple Pies Sorry to hear that Dal
  5. I used ukmail once to deliver some parts to me They allegedly delivered them to my door and I signed for them!!! Mr smith (how original) There's not a smith family within my estate and I defo didn't have a courier arrive Took months to get money back and prove my innocence Never again!
  6. It's common sense really Something they lacked at weekend More interested. In chatting and fine calls
  7. Exactly cheers guys Getting everyone on stand like that was a great job done
  8. Oh Jo I love this show I always have a great time with everyone And defo better without rows n rows of plastic And Saturdays strip runs were great fun not to mention the BBQ piss up sat night
  9. Maybe so Jo However when I eventually got out of the quagmire on to hard surface the Marshall's were just stood there at side if road.... Chatting... Instead of organising a steady flow from camping field- car park field- and cars from show field.... They even blocked off from 2 lanes of traffic into 1 lane.... For no reason..... A total wind up Again it's a shame for CF team not to mention osf organisers of the day too Getting us all on that stand.... Well done
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