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  1. My old mate spent all day detailing my old mex, I had never heard of clay bay or anything else he showed me that day, I went online saw the meguairs stuff and there amazing YouTube channel and I followed what they showed on there, the results are amazing
  2. Not knowing anything about it, I bought the full meguairs kit just taking my time learning how to use it
  3. Using a clay bay then a DA will give a finish like this
  4. I have just got into proper car detailing and I did not know there was so much too it, loads of meguairs products have been bought and I have found the results amazing
  5. Mate that is some wicked work there geezer, love it
  6. I used 3 cans to do my garage and I’m so happy with the finish
  7. I’ve sold everything but the block if and it’s a big IF I get another engine built it will be a big CC bottom end, I got a spare mint Y/B head on the shelf and after seeing my mates 2.3 forged bottom end he bought I will get my block re-sleeved and fully sorted
  8. 3 head studs like what a knighmare to get out
  9. I striped my spare pinto and the last div owner had put the wrong length exhaust studs in it, now it’s got to go to WPE to be sorted
  10. One coat of a sealer first then 2 coats of this bought from screwfix, as the big lad has said in the reply above
  11. I don’t know what to do mate if I’m being honest
  12. I keep changing my mind don’t really know what to do mate
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