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  1. Mr WPE is injured so I don’t think I will be going to the pod on the 21st
  2. theloudboy


    Yep they the same people that ask me why petrol is so expensive as I’m delivering the stuff, the world is full of morons lol
  3. Both hi spec and wilwood do like for like replacement calipers
  4. Who’s been a busy boy, top work
  5. Just loads of talking lol, WPE has told me what shafts and LSD to buy so I got to order them and the line lock them drop it off to him
  6. Yep massive wheels on the Mazda too
  7. Ya don’t bother I know 3 people that fitted the 6 speed and only used 5 of the gears, the 5 speed box is better
  8. It’s being used in one of my 2 doors mate
  9. I have booked myself into the SLRP day at Santa pod so fingers crossed WPE can get the work done to the turd in time for me to run it down the quarter
  10. Scott it’s still going on mate, that is why our last meet shut cos when we got chucked out of our second place tall Paul hah had enough
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