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  1. theloudboy

    The WPE escort

    Sorry guys at the mo I am getting all my stuff together to see what I don’t have, but once the car is built anything that is left will be for sale
  2. theloudboy

    The WPE escort

    I have been making a list of what I need and having a little sort out, I had no idea I had so many rear lights lol
  3. theloudboy

    Street Anglia

    Yes mate I will have to pop over and see u soon
  4. theloudboy

    The WPE escort

    I went to WPE today to pick my cossie crank up cos I have sold it, I love going there he is building a 2.3 lt pinto, 2 lt crossflow and today he was striping a XE that was in need of a rebuild proper old skool engine guy that ain’t full of shit
  5. theloudboy

    The WPE escort

    Brake pots and mount have arrived in the post, last few bits before the dry build starts
  6. theloudboy

    Essex RS owners club meet

    Yes mate Graham’s motor is mint
  7. theloudboy

    Essex RS owners club meet

    Yes mate
  8. theloudboy

    Essex RS owners club meet

    As I have posted up before but not been on too follow up sorry, a load of the south London crew came over to the halfway house meet last massive thanks to them the place was packed out, the guy who runs the meet was so happy with the old skool turn out so if anyone else fancies popping down u will not be disappointed
  9. theloudboy

    2.0 Pinto set up/rolling road

    Wayne WPE 07778 202867
  10. theloudboy

    2.0 Pinto set up/rolling road

    WPE is right next to south Croydon bus garage, my twin 50s never miss a beat you can’t beat Wayne
  11. theloudboy

    The WPE escort

    I took my gold car to my body shop today to get a quote for it
  12. theloudboy

    Black car paint restorers, witch is best?

    Meguiars producks all day long does amazing thing to tired/knackered paint
  13. It looks amazing you have done a top job mate
  14. Is this the mk1 Tina that gartrac done