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  1. The colour is not that bad it’s got metal flake in it and really shines, that trailer was the best money i’ve spent I am a specialist lorry driver and my mates would rather have me move there cars than someone they don’t know
  2. Sh1t colour drab love it, that is quality
  3. It’s brown what so would you call it big man LMAO
  4. Yes mate my red one it needs a full front end, floors and probably loads more
  5. I sold the Mexico it is a rot box, I put a 2 lt pinto in it and got rid Scott
  6. I’ve not had an escort on the road for a year so I see this for sale and bought it, it’s running a full race HT racing 2.1 pinto on ITBs, bilstein suspension, AP brakes, S/C/C/R 4 speed box, tram x LSD, roll cage, buckets, harness all the toys I will be making some changes it’s set up for the track so it will be made more road friendly
  7. Standard they are terrible because they are done for a forced induction, there is enough material in ports to open them up enough so they make great power in N/A form, the new cast heads have even more material so the ports can be enlarged even more, as long as you get an engine tuner that knows what he is doing they make great power, WPE who does my engine has been doing N/A Y/Bs for over 20 years and knows them inside and out
  8. I picked up my carbs they look amazing, the guy will be doing my 50s when I get the Y/B done
  9. My 48s for my other engine are ready for me to collect
  10. And I really must stop going into burtons lol
  11. My 6 pot brake kit from hi spec has turned up sorry I never took anymore pics
  12. More stuff from GS escorts and motorsport tools
  13. I picked up my new N/A Y/B today, came home had a look in my garage and found RS alloy engine mounts and alternator bracket, and I have bought a set of 48s tonight as well
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