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  1. Rev counter and dash bits and bobs have turned up
  2. I now have s full rubbers kit from works-escort off of ebay
  3. The first of my Aldridge trim has turned up
  4. Like I have said a few mates have fitted them it’s all good quality stuff that fitted perfectly in the other mk1-2s
  5. I’m well happy with the quality a few of my mates have bought them so I knew they are good, the carpet underlay and mats was about £360 if I remember right Scott
  6. I did have loads of wheels I have sold most of them but there are still a few sets hiding lol
  7. Then I went to burtons and bought this lot
  8. My newton carpet arrived this morning
  9. My first delivery has come from motorsport tools, only a couple of bits left and the front end is complete
  10. My brand new legs has turned up off to hi spec brakes next
  11. Sorry guys at the mo I am getting all my stuff together to see what I don’t have, but once the car is built anything that is left will be for sale
  12. I have been making a list of what I need and having a little sort out, I had no idea I had so many rear lights lol
  13. Yes mate I will have to pop over and see u soon
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