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  1. Is that why it’s worked so much better, I just checked it and my god the difference
  2. I’ve been told to cover it with plastic sheet do I give it ago
  3. I borrowed some proper gloves from work so much easier to work with, and I have tried putting more stripper on and it’s so much quicker you live and learn
  4. I will add I’ve done about half the car with only one can I don’t think I’ve been putting it on heavy enough
  5. I borrowed some proper gloves from work so much easier to work with
  6. It was £30 one from machine mart, will just have to see how it goes
  7. Dunno I will have to see how long it lasts, I have come across sealer that the paint stripper don’t touch so has to be wire brushed away and it’s hard as, that’s what the grinder ain’t liked
  8. The Clarke angle grinder has now started to slow down so I don’t think it will last much longer lol, I’m on shift this weekend so will be back on it Monday morning
  9. I have been a very busy boy today, but when I finished I could not believe how much crap was over/in me lol
  10. I’m so pleased I bought this mask, I can’t believe how much crap there is in the filters
  11. It eats latex gloves lol, I’m going to pop into work tomorrow and nick some petrol/chemical gloves that I wear at work
  12. That gear is wicked so I got stuck in, one and a half hours later I’ve done this
  13. I done a test panel just to see what the stripper is like
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