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  1. Your car was the the round ones when you put it back on the road, the fact they painted the strip on and the fit and finish was top quality
  2. Who’s been a busy boy then, top work geezer
  3. Someone I know had taken his atmo powered mk2 to hallscorts for a full suspension upgrade, once he has it back if I lije it I will send my car there for the same treatment
  4. Only a few rims fitted mate, the splits no problem cos they bigger inside but the single piece rims have different internal diameter
  5. £15000 a complete engine, I don’t know the specs that millington use
  6. A series one 2.5 out of a rally car, they do come up for sale but you got to be quick
  7. I sold my wheel collection and bought these split rims
  8. Correct but it’s sold you got to be quick, or as they say he who hesitates well I can’t type the rest LMAO
  9. After her little lamb it was the only place for her to go next LMAO
  10. I run atmo cossies already mate, best engine IMO
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