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  1. cheers vista i now know what to do to get my mrs to divorce me spose i will have to buy a dishwasher first as i think it might piss her right of if i try inserting my engine parts in her. ( she is the dishwasher in my house.)
  2. i got a bottle of mead, yummy but didnt last long.
  3. quote: Posse still does Colin. really??? i did wonder about darren.!!!
  4. ever the diplomat eh Grizz diplomacy is for girls and M.P's neither of which are much use. . talk is cheap.
  5. tell them to put out a statement telling people it had nothing to do with this site or the place burns.....
  6. Grizzley Dell

    F 1

    jenson button is god. odd race, last 25 laps were some of the best for a long time. nice to see vettel collapse under pressure at last. top race
  7. happy birthday mate, dont let that halo slip
  8. wasnt me wayne, im far to naughty to be allowed out on my own apparently
  9. the thing is chaps that sort of stuff has been going on at the ace for as long as i can remember, when i used to go there on the bikes many years ago people raced up and down and did wheelies, burnouts etc. things dont change, i can remember the old bill watching & doing nothing. the ace has always been the same. actually thats b.llshit, it used to be a good place to go, coffee was crap, but inexpensive.
  10. Good point mate, it hits a raw nerve for sure, think it may be cause it's a human experiment, never been covered in film before (as far as I know) and you'd probably choose any other form of death over being centipided... it was the end that really got me. when that poor bird in the middle on her knees sobbing with the other 2 dead hanging off her. i aint easily disturbed as most who know me will confirm but that really got to me.
  11. Hahaha I read that as King Edwards Potatoes
  12. BTW, I've never had so much as a parking ticket seriously???? i must be very naughty then.
  13. she dont smoke a pipe anymore, she went on to king edward cigars a few years ago but seriously how fast can you drift round a mini round about. dont get me wrong it is stupid & dangerous with that many people about. oh yeah youve dropped your halo mate.
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