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  1. planning for between £8k up to about £10k is that being realistic?? seeing it as an investment buying something i love. if thats not realistic any suggestions as to what would be available for that budget??
  2. ideally looking for an original mexico (if poss) in a nearly finished state, ideally only with minor body work to be done to it, and the mechanics to finish. Not looking for concours condition want something I can use and enjoy. still in learning mode with regard to specs of cars and models and years. ideally looking to buy end of summer next year to complete over the winter. but if something comes along before that and its what I'm looking for i might end up taking it
  3. Hows things folks, brand new member looking to purchase one of the most iconic cars of our era, in my personal opinion that is. Had a love of MK1 escorts for a long time first car was a 1300gt which eventually fell to bits, god i loved that car, now I'm older and supposed to be wiser I'm looking to join the old skool ford fold again and purchses either a mexico or an rs2000, just browsing at the moment for a car but eager to learn, so please forgive if it seems as if I'm asking alot of daft questions. Cheers Lockie
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