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  1. Thanks again for help! have set the timing and is much better ta!!! Forgot to check the sensor will do that tomorrow!!! I assume it is a cossy sensor I need not a x flow or pinto one?
  2. i have got one your yb`s out of geoffs old mk2 cortina! the ignition timing is set at 12.5 degress at idle and switches to 20 degress when revs picked up, could you tell me if this is correct please? also cannot get temp gauge to work with the sensor already fitted in the yb? do you know if that sensor is compatible with mk1 twincam dials please? gauge and wiring are all ok ,when wire on sensor is earthed it go`s off the scale and back down when disconnected! and voltage regulater all fine too? any help would be very much appreciated thanks !!!
  3. yes still using coil !!!! and thanks for info much appreciated !!!
  4. Hi !!! Wonder if you can help me please? I have Lotus Twincam six dial clocks in my MK1 Escort and it did have points so wiring up rev counter was no proplem, but now I am putting in a NA YB on electronic ignition from Sierra with two wires to dizzy and an ignition amplifier? Can I still wire up my rev counter without damaging it and how do you connect it please?
  5. Thanks again !!! will put that in and see where it goes on the dipstick befor and after start up! although that won`t be for a while" watch this space.
  6. Thanks for help mr W.P.E will get some ordered !!!! dont supose you know how much oil an rs2000 alloy sump holds do you? as i got a dip stick and tube of burton power" and not over sure its correct?
  7. thanks for info will get some sorted!!!
  8. wonder if you could advise me again please? i would like to now what oil make and grade you advise for na yb with hydraulic tappets? as this engine had a tappet fail befor with incorrect oil so im told!!!
  9. Thanks for info! will give them a call and hopefully thats the way forward for me!!!!!
  10. Thanks very much for help! yes thats the engine off jeff" looking forward to getting it sorted" dont suppose you would know if a tony law 421 exhaust manifold would fit with standard x member and alloy rs2000 mounts? thanks again for help.
  11. Hi ya, i'm hoping you can help me? I'm fitting a W.P.E normally aspirated cosworth into my MK1 Escort. It came with a cosworth 2WD sump and I need to swap it to an RS2000 sump. What I need to know please is;- 1. Can I remove the spray bar off the cosworth oil pump and fit an RS2000 oil pump cover plate back on? OR 2. Do I need to have the RS2000 pick up pipe modified to fit the spray bar? FYI. It has a cosworth standard steel crank and rods. I really need a definitive answer on this and i'm hoping you can help. Yours hopefully Roger
  12. Thanks for the link" thats cleared a few things up for me! time to get the grinder and welder out thanks again.
  13. HI" I have 2.8 capri struts on my mk1 escort and want to do a coil over conversion! does anyone know if they have inserts fitted as standard" or is the body of the strut oil filled? the reason i ask is i want to pre order my parts and if i dont need inserts its much cheaper.
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