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  1. my mk2 which i picked up earlier this year, 1 owner from new and apperently on of the last 18 registered at fords in stockport, was standard and unmolestered til i got my grubby mits on it, lol, totally solid, 2.8 manual was auto, sofar its been lowered by 40mm, with the added bonus of coilovers on the rear, alloys off my old mk3, got a few more jobs in the pipeline, only until i find where that dam leak is comin from under the dash. these were taken just after i lowered the rear [/img] ill post a few more pics up when the snows melted, lol, i dont do cold weather,
  2. barty109

    everybodies new years resolution's?

    stop using the lead foot as much,
  3. barty109

    capri wont start not getting any fuel ?!?

    does it sound like its choking itself? have you tried swapping the whole throttle unit? im not clued up on yb's but have had this problem on a few other fords
  4. barty109

    Capri Pedal Box

    yep hes still got it, just put another box in it the other week
  5. barty109

    Capri Pedal Box

    my bros snapped and changed to the early type, there a straight swap, if iv got 1 ill let u know
  6. barty109

    Capri Pedal Box

    mk4 cortinas have a pedal without a rachet and adjust on the clutch fork have seen a few capris with same type of pedal, have found that some of them are slightly different tho
  7. barty109

    cheryl Cole again

    u aint the only red blooded male thinkin that mate, lol,
  8. raced a few grannis, capris and tinas, stick to racin new shape fords now, all hail the mondeo!
  9. barty109

    cheryl Cole again

    id av a go
  10. barty109

    what do u think ????

    look the nut when slammed, stick with the v6 tho, mines on its ass and hates speed humps and pot holes, lol
  11. barty109

    F1 back at Silverstone for the next 17 years ...

    i dont watch f1 but atleast its still in this country,
  12. barty109

    hi everybodyy

    hi fellow ford owners, im a proud owner of a mk2 granni estate, great site