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  1. I feel for you, me and my dad built my fiesta, ill keep my eyes open in essex still, know its a long shot. C*nts don't deserve that car.
  2. thanks, even if you dont know the people who make the parts, we know where to start looking now
  3. Also what about putting 2ltr m o n d e o brakes on, does anybody know about that? (whats up with this forum wont let me type m o n d e o, keeps coming up mondeo)
  4. My friend is buying a mk3 fiesta (i know its not old skool) but he wants to know if you have to modify anything to put a carb on a 2ltr mondeo engine? is there a particular inlet manifold of any engine that will make a carb fit? Thing should be rapid once its in
  5. Heres some pics now it is just done.. needs some paint touch up but thats all!!! It has been quite a laugh, but im actually sad its done now
  6. i am in a small powerless garage, and i never seen one, and anyhow, its all painted now
  7. I have Mk1 Escort indicators on mine! Looks well good, take a look.. ...http://www.oldskoolford.co.uk/phpBB2/viewtopic.php?t=113629&highlight=
  8. you got some skills there i cant wait until it is all Red, its gonna look soo nice!
  9. I am so exited to be starting my fiesta Painjob, but i cant wait until it is done to see what it will look like, can anybody photoshop the picture and make it Sunburst Red? Many thanks!
  10. I know it is from a harry potter lego set but i found it today in the loft and i had to post pics of it up.
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