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  1. PaulMags

    Hi everyone.

    Don't hear from you these days you turned into a hermit lol
  2. PaulMags

    Hi everyone.

    She's back in all one colour now.Black with full body.still running in the 10's so not bad for a street legal car.
  3. PaulMags

    Hi everyone.

    Been some time since I last came on here. See theres a lot of new peeps on here.
  4. Mk1 escort 1/4 bumpers (new) any about? Thanks
  5. good mate.wish I kept it i'm looking for one for my boy he's decided he wants an escort now so looking for a project to turn into something special.mk1 is doing ok had a few probs over the last year or so but ok.Paul.
  6. just a rolling shell will do as long as it aint a rot box.
  7. 2 door or 4 door dont mind a project aslong as it aint rotten through out.
  8. did you sell it after mate?i'll buy it back for what i sold it to you for lol.
  9. I have a standard set of clocks were working perfect when I took them out of my car the black surround could do with a fresh coat but otherwise ok.still has the wiring intact £30.00
  10. yes mate thought I'd give it a new look.
  11. for next weekend and getting excited.I am lol
  12. They don't list them unless you no different.thanks
  13. wanted.reasonable price.thanks.
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