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  1. Hi all, I wasn't very sure where to post this but here it goes. Does anyone know where one of these police lights (ford anglia police car from the heartbeat series) can be got? Is there any reproductions of these? Or does anyone have information that could lead me in the right direction? All the Best and thanks for the help in advance
  2. Hopefully I have this in the correct section. This is my neighbours car. View the complete resto in this youtube clip. Enjoy
  3. Just said I would throw this up. My friend's car. A 185 tyre on an 11'' rim
  4. Would the 185 rub the arches?
  5. Hi all, I recently purchased a set of superlights (7x13) from Midland Wheels in the Uk. Im now beginning to price tyres. Im looking at 175/60/13. Would these be okay on a standard escort suspension set up. I don't want them to be rubbing. Will they be ok? The car is a 4 door mk2 escort Thanks
  6. Price? pics? You would hardly post to Ireland though?
  7. Maybe your right. But I have heard you can get them over in the uk off some crowd.. Anyone know more?
  8. Can anyone give me the name of a company who stock new mk2 mexico steels? Thanks
  9. Nice pics..That blue Mk1 cortina is really cool
  10. Lads I want to thank ye for all yere kind comments..The owner is well chuffed .. Thanks again
  11. Thanks man thats after giving me a fair idea...Cheers
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