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  1. Looking for a pair of mk2 cortina struts.. anything considered .. thanks steve .
  2. dobbo63


    Why oh why can’t reproducers ,s of such item,s get it right !!!! 😡😡😡
  3. dobbo63

    Struts .

    Thanzks for the info .. 👍
  4. dobbo63

    Struts .

    Hi,, so what is needed ??
  5. dobbo63

    Struts .

    Afternoon lad,s.. will mk2 cortina struts fit a 105E?? Got given set today complete with brakes etc ? TIA..
  6. dobbo63


    Thanks for the reply’s lad,s.. need to decide what to do now ..
  7. dobbo63


    Just bought some 5.5x13 steels for the 105E.. it’s all standard at the front just now. upon fitting the wheels the tyre runs the strut .. I have found I need 1/2 inch space to allow wheel to turn without fouling the strut . The backspace is 4& 1/2 inch on the steels .. I was advised against fitting 6j,s for clearance on the leading edge of the wing . I doubt a 6j would have a different backspace ? Don’t like spacers but it would seem the only option just now .. your thoughts guy,s??
  8. dobbo63


    Haha.. yea I thought the same .. we have sorted it . The n/s one was no problem.. the o/s has had some rough repaint work to the inner axle where the bearing sits & is causing the issue .. Thanks .
  9. dobbo63


    Hey lads. fiiting a 3.53 into a 105E axle.. upon fitting the halfshfts ,, I have found they now don’t go in as far & the half shaft bearings protrude .. what am I missing or need to do ?? TIA.. Steve .
  10. has anyone fitted wiper arm,s to a mk2 with an hook at the blade nd rather than the flimsy pin n clip affiar thats most mk2,s have? later fiesta maybe? steve.
  11. hi anyone going to the wonderland show at southwell racecourse this wk end? steve.
  12. where would i get a new bronze front screen from for a mk2 RS ? any one know ? thanks. steve.
  13. how many of you are nervous at the thought of leaving your much loved osf at classic ford show whilst you do the show, espesh if it,s in the osf car park? i,ll need valium i think, some scum bag,s out there will be on the prowl that day im sure got a cat1 alarm/ immoboliser on mine plus other deterent,s but will it be enough ? steve........
  14. well done m8, i was drooling over that car at the lakes, the owner said it was for sale at 10k, so you did ok i think. have fun.
  15. nice pic,s m8. got home abt half 4 today. had a fantastic wk end up there. met some great people and looked at some top car,s the standard of them was really high, well done to all. the run out on sat was fantastic, even tho her indoor,s gave me grief for goin at what she thought was to fast, nar, we were only watming the tires n brakes up love, ha ha. hope you all had a great time, see ya up there next year.
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