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  1. Hi all This is my Capri before and after I rebuilt it. I got it in about 1999 it was off the road about 7 years while I worked on it whenever I had the time.
  2. Thanks for the welcome everyone. Hopefully I can get some pics up soon
  3. Did mine with a wire brush in an electric drill. I was a bit worried about blasting it and getting bits of grit inside
  4. Welcome mate Think I recognise the user name from somewhere
  5. Welcome mate, New here myself Seems like there's a fair amount of Capri owners on here
  6. Nice one. Not a bad price ether Been thinking of getting a 4X4 myself with all the weather we're havin
  7. Lovely looking Mk 1 mate. Brilliant work you've done on it Wish I'd still got my old Mk1 Capri
  8. Nice car mate Used to have a Mk2 myself
  9. Thanks chaps, Cant post any pics till ive got 10 posts in. My car is an A reg 2 litre S which was off the road for 7 years. I just worked on it when I had time not the whole 7 years lol. I got it back on the road in 2007
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