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  1. Hi Bud Apologies for late reply, speak to our subs department on 01732 748000 and they will help you with whatever you need Ben
  2. Great pics guys and a big thanks to everyone who turned up, well over 60 cars again John I will make a Wingspan meet, I promise
  3. Ok people... Mk1 Fiestas, your thoughts... Good or bad? Old skool or not? Fun or pants? I welcome your thoughts good or bad and don't pull any punches!!!
  4. I have to say I borrowed a Mk1 Fez from Ford and, well, it had a bright orange interior... If thats not retro I don't know what is
  5. Nice pics Wayne... What a great weekend it was too!!
  6. I dread to think what the neighbours thought... Gambles' sunburn is testament to the weather
  7. Great pics mate, glad that you enjoyed it. See you at the Wingspan soon
  8. Cheers guys, I've got some sunburn on the go now tho Great day
  9. Cheers to everyone who turned up, there was 70 cars at one point, which was fantastic. I hope that everyone enjoyed themselves and it was great to see faces old and new! The pictures seem to have disappeared but that might just be my computer. Hope to see you all again next time, thanks again
  10. No problem dude, we're just jealous of the sunshine
  11. Everyone is welcome, it's shaping up to be a good meet - even secured an ice cream van ha ha Hope to see you there
  12. I'm not entirely sure Ireland is ready for the boy Gambles, but it will be a laugh finding out ha ha ha
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