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  1. Thanks for the welcome ! Yes, the Cortina's are quite rare here, and Capri's are expensive (like everything here really, apart from wine !) I'll be looking towards Capri's, Cortina's or Escorts (in that order), but the first thing to do is build the new garage as soon as spring gets going. The only obligation for the car is that it's from 1973 (year I was born), probably make it old school looks but probably not all original if you know what I mean. Been looking through the forum tonight, pack with useful and constructive info, a great read !
  2. Hi everyone, Id love to tell you all about my old school Ford, but the problem is I don't actually have one yet ! Not certain which way to go yet either. First thoughts were for a Mrk1 Capri, but after seeing some lovely images of the Mrk3 Cortina I have started to have second thoughts. It will also depend on which cars are available here in France, which of course is a Renault / Peugeot country, so my choice will be a lot more limited than over in good ole blighty ! Im hoping to get lots of good info and advice here on the Old skool ford forum, and I hope my input will be apprec
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