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  1. It just makes it easier to get your whores in and out of the car. As we all know - whores love nothing more than ease of access, nothing worse than having to get out the car, folding your seat forwards and letting your whores in and out.
  2. I've had mine 5 Yrs now, probably aged me 15 years in that time. A house purchase sucked up pretty much all the money but I've sneaked a few quid away from her indoors in that time. First pic is the day I bought her and second was last summer before she got Gaz front legs and adjustable TCA's so its now lower with more negative camber than I'm sure some people would be comfortable with!
  3. You must of felt right at home with the weather at CFS! Sunniest day of the year so far?
  4. I went a few years back and there were quite a few older cars around although it was probably longer ago than I remember. Most shows / parts for sale seem to be at the other end of the A14 to me and I hate that stretch!
  5. If they fancy moving it east of Santa pod for next year it’d be okay by me, I’d finally bring the Escort along. Has ford fair happened yet? If not is anybody going?
  6. yeah I agree with you although being so original with all the history we couldn't cut it up! thanks 👍
  7. Agreed, I only got to have a decent look around the cars on the infield before it p****d down and everyone left. Much easier to get in & out than Santa Pod and nice to have a grass area for display cars (even if I didn't get to see em!) Nice to see a few more companies with retail stands too. Some great cars there top marks to everyone who made it out 👍
  8. 1960 Ford Popular deluxe 100e 1200 side valve. -28,000 original miles -Huge folder with previous receipts / original bill of sale / letters to and from original owner and Ford UK / old tax discs / original advertising -Full bare metal nut & bolt restoration 3 years ago -Lowered on rear blocks with Gaz shocks and custom front springs to retain original struts with Lotus style steels. All original wheels etc come with car to return to standard. -Photos documenting rebuild -Selling due to no room to store & other projects taking priority -£5,500 Essex (colchester)
  9. A great joke I feel has gone unappreciated
  10. Nice Capri, southwold is a beautiful place with much beer
  11. Enjoyed that, one flaw though - they got in the escort and it started.
  12. Never seen maiden but would love too, looks like they still put on as much as show as the old days!
  13. Thanks, I thought it was wrong!
  14. Hi all, I've just fitted a new distributor to my Xflow. The new cap is a side exit type and after lining up the rotor arm and the magnet (distributor body) the leads exit towards the bulkhead under the inlet manifold. I haven't tried starting it yet but i'm pretty sure it's wrong. Don't they normally exit sideways-ish towards the front of the engine?
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