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  1. Found a set of refurbished pepperpots with new tyres for a really good price today so I snapped them! Hoping for that factory fresh look once they're on
  2. Original tyres had to go and with a set of compomotive turbos lying in the garage waiting for my escort mk2 project wrapped in new tyres, it was rude not to! 13 inch are a bit small on her but with some lowering and grey or gold centres I think they can look ace. What do you think?[emoji848] Sent from my SM-G960F using Tapatalk
  3. Front end all fitted and lined up Started on the rear-end now which is hopefully the last major surgery - rear wing out to replace outer tub and spare wheel well. Put wing back together and align with door, fit rear panel skin and boot lid. Still a way to go but on a positive note, I got to enjoy the latest addition on her first show
  4. Ans it’s finally on the road…not much done to it other than a good clean and a power wash to the engine bay. Needs a good polish, a couple of small dents pulled out and some other minor details. Went for a long night drive yesterday…pulls well and doesn’t handle too bad either considering she’s still wearing the original uniroyal rallye’s 😁 Really tempted to put some 15 inch BBS replicas (JBW) and lower it a bit…or else just put the original steels and trims for a factory look
  5. Got it back from the mechanic today 😁 Still need to go through the process of classic car certification before I get the plates. Managed to take it for a short drive (on a private road) though and ran like a dream 😉 Here's a short video:
  6. Some photos on its journey to the mechanic... Fitted a new battery and poured some fuel in the tank and started up without much hassle Any attempts to drive it failed though and a new clutch seems to be the only solution. I was also concerned about the 34 year old timing belt 😆 which will get replaced along with new oil/fluids/filters etc.
  7. So I came across this Sierra listed as a 1 owner with 14,000km. I wasn't really looking to add another car to the collection but I was too curious to see it and hear its story, which goes something like this... It's 1985 and this gentleman having recently been to the UK was fascinated by the Sierra's futuristic design. So back in Malta, he went to the local Ford dealer and ordered a Sierra. Not one of the basic versions, but a 2.0 Ghia finished in diamond white. He also wanted to have xr4i wheels but those would have costed him an extra 1k so he fitted a set of mille miglia instead which were smaller but similar in design. Fast forward a couple of years and an unfortunate accident at his place of work prevented him from driving the Sierra again, mostly due to its lack of power steering. But he couldn't part with it. So he just locked it up in the garage and did not move it ever since. The Sierra was never meant to be his daily car so it was never taken out in the rain or made use of its huge luggage space. When I went to see it (pictures below taken in previous owner's garage today), the doors were stuck, it was impossible to push (sticky wheel cylinders) and it's engine was last started up in 2007. Original steels and trims tucked away in a corner covered in dust. We got some jump leads and all the warning lights from the trip computer came to life on the ignition. We removed the air cleaner, poured some fuel on the carb and after a couple of misses, the pinto came to life! A deal was struck and it will now be off to the mechanic for re-commissioning.
  8. Some more progress made to the shell...at least it looks more like a car now [emoji3] Front inner wing was replaced, original strut turret welded using original spot weld locations, primed and sealed. New front panel welded into place as well. The new floor pans, inner and outer A-post and sills and fabricated lower bulkead have been finished off as well. Also managed to get some NOS door skins. I don't know if they're genuine Ford but have nice bold swage lines and measured up nicely. Next step is the the passenger rear wing. Had a shunt in the past and the inner arch was not repaired properly resulting in the wing sticking out by a couple of inches. So the wing will have to come out, inner arch replaced and then put back in place. Good luck to me [emoji23] Sent from my MotoG3 using Tapatalk
  9. Hi all I was wondering if there's anyone who supplies escort mk2 door skins other than Magnum? Whilst their body panels are usually top notch, I've been having issues with the door skins. Magnum gets these from Klokkerholm and the swage lines don't seem to line up properly. I 've been told they're working on new tooling but wasn't given a definitive date :/
  10. Just realised the last time I updated the thread was more than a year ago...and unfortunately the escort is still a long way to go. Anyways, here is the progress so far: After the driver's side was completed, it was time to turn to the passenger's side which wasn't any better. It had new floors, cross member, inner and outer a-pillars, inner and outer sills, fabricated much of the bulkhead. As for the front end, the inner wing had suffered from some crash damage at some point so it was best to replace completely . So far, the inner wing was removed and repairs to the chassis were made. The upper bulkhead also had all the rust cut out. On a positive note, I was in contact with Magnum who very kindly checked the measurements of the original door skins against theirs. They also said that they now have new pressings so they should be even better Engine wise, the bottom end was put together and a gt cylinder head should be on its way. As for the choice of colour, I'm now more for a factory silver metallic on gold compo turbos as opposed to the cosmos/miami blue I was thinking of before. What do you think?
  11. Thanks! Don't have any at the moment but I'll keep trying. Bought from them quite a few times...top stuff and always ready to help.
  12. Hi guys I'm looking for the centre lower bulkhead panel as pictured for my mk2 escort project. Do you know anyone that can supply just that part (rather than the full lower bulkhead) or anyone has a good one cut from shell? Thanks Stefano
  13. Some more work done on the shell...ready to start on the other side now. Not quite happy with the fit of the door skin though...distance between top edge and lower edge has some 4mm variance and middle edges are wider at the front than at the back. FYI door skin is from a Danish company called klokkerholm and will end up in the bin. Any ideas from where I can buy good door skins? Magnum?
  14. Went to the engineer this week. Engine block's ready from a +0.90 bore no surprises this time [emoji2] The crank has been lightened and balanced as well. Hopefully the engine will be put together shortly as I have most parts in hand. Spec will be as follows: +0.90 with 1.3 pistons, l&b bottom end, Kent A2 cam, ported and polished head gt spec, twin 40 dcoe on short inlet, 4-2-1 Ashley exhaust manifold. This morning I also bought the wheels off this mk2...compomotive turbos [emoji4] [emoji4] [emoji4]
  15. Cheers, this has now been available on the DMB website @ £1.99
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