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  1. Hi what scale is those first escorts please
  2. £25ono delivered can meet kent area .Neil 07860890405.
  3. As title £25ono delivered can meet .kent area 07860890405
  4. Hi I would like this I'm in Kent / south London can pick up when suited.
  5. I think with the show season well underway they could sorted the water that was laying in the fields some of the big mud holes covered up with straw .
  6. Welcome mate plenty of friendly help on here.neil
  7. I think that they need to hire proper Marshall/traffic guys to get things moving . I myself arrived at 11 am parked up on the left just after the quiet camping right up the top .when I came out there were 2 barrels over the exit .I asked the Marshall yob how do I exit he just give me some sarcastic answer so being with two young daughters I chose not to take him out and followed the track down to the middle by the porta loos and exited there it took me prob about 35mins to get out . But it was being run by amateurs .I was also not happy about the rubbish bins that was overflowing everywhere which forces people to leave there rubbish on the floor by them .it wouldn't hurt them to come round and empty the bins throughout the show .but I must applaud the cf crew for a brilliant day . Neil
  8. So glad you got this back .I think you deserve a written letter explaining the reason why they never searched the area .I come from the Gravesend area have grown up with travellers, pikeys I know they are scum .we all know the reason they are scared of them that's the truth .neil
  9. Glad your keeping it can't believe that the filming was done in my works car park what year was that done .
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