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  1. i folks i have posted this in general chat because I am not listing a classified ad yet, I am just testing the water due to a change of direction in life its time to realise that i simply just dont have the time to complete my resto of my mk2 escrt rs2000 custom i have almost 90% of the car sitting around in bits, i just don't know where to start, i literaly have stuff everywhere what would be the best way to get rid of everything, I don't have time to sit and list every single item I have and I cant be dealing with selling everything bit by bit any suggestions
  2. Its too strange for me, im calling the ghostbusters to solve this one I mean fancy painting a car to"mask over the fingerprints "
  3. depends if you need to save the mirror, if not just break the plastic and chisel the bolts out if you need the mirror in one piece then you need to drill the bolt heads i changed mine by chiseling came of easily
  4. 1. POSSE ONE STAND PASS X2 TICKETS 2. lotusless one stand pass x2 tickets 3. Baz105e 1 stand pass 2 tickets 4. SebringRS 1 Stand Pass, x3 tickets 5. Banarama 1 stand pass & 1 ticket 6. Pete 1 stand pass only if possible. 7. Tall Paul 1 Stand pass x2 Tickets 8. rallyesport04 1 stand pass and 1 ticket 9. Tilbrook 1 stand pass x2 tickets 10. Leadfoots 1 stand pass / 2 x Tickets 11. Big_man 1 stand pass, 1 x ticket 12. caprinerd 1 stand pass and tickets TBA at the mo till i get a defo 13. ox 1 stand pass 14. RossMK2 1 stand pass ill update for tickets asap 15. Willsy 1x ticket 1x
  5. and someones just shot the windscreen out of the rs2000 criminal!!!!
  6. took a trip out to shakespeares raceway today, a few old skool fords about, the n/a nitrous anglia looked quick, didnt stay for too long because i never took a jacket and it was fookin windy in the stands!!!
  7. i watch the program but i find myself doing a lot of shouting at the telly!!!! especially when the spray cans come out
  8. if the switches are melting then they arent up 2 the job, you will need to fit a relay to take the current away from the button ,if you need i,ll sort out a diagram for you
  9. i went, didnt think there was a lot there tbh..i have been going for a while now and i have seen bigger turnouts, some nice motors there though and the weather held out
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