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  1. Wow! That's a fantastic colour, suits it down to the ground! I bet it attracts some attention! Nice to see something completely different, top motor. Chris
  2. Very nice mate, haven't seen a 2.8 injection Granada for a long time. Well worth saving especially with it's history! i'll keep my eye on this and look forward to the finished pictures. Chris
  3. I love the look of this car, very nice cant wait to see it finished, plenty of pics please!!
  4. MOT passed two weeks ago with no advisories! Well pleased, just have a few finishing touches left....stripes, mudflaps and the rear quarter side mouldings. Will put up some pics when it's done! Chris
  5. Thanks alot, i appreciate the comments! Here are a few more updated pics! Finally got her to the MOT stage, it's this saturday, wish me luck!! Thanks Chris[/img]
  6. Thanks mate! Yeah, I really like the colour too, it's Titan Grey (Mercury Grey) i think it really suits it. Shou ld get the interior fitted soon, then it's side mouldings and new stripe then i am pretty much all done...just in time for spring! Chris
  7. Hi Guys, Have been busy rubbing down, re-painting and fitting all the parts back onto my Capri. Finally getting to the end of the restoration now, still got bits to do though!! Here are some pics: [/img]
  8. Thanks for the comments fella's!! Vista, that 2.8 you had looks sweet! I do like a Capri in grey, think it really suits it! it's interesting Looking at the interior picture with the leather steering wheel & gear knob matching the Recaro grey leather, mine must have been that colour once! they are a dark worn out grey now!! Chris
  9. Hi Guys, Been a while since i updated this with some progress pics! Here are a few of the various stages of the restoration over the past year! Cheers Chris
  10. Thanks for the advice guys! NginEEr, £820 thats quite a decent price, this one is pretty much in mint condition with 1 owner and 37,000 miles so if I sell, hopefully I would get this or maybe more. Cheers Chris
  11. dont know why it says 'Onion'? I didnt think I was that pissed!
  12. Anyone know how much a MK1 Orion Ghia on a B reg with one owner and 30,000 odd thousand miles from new would go for? Not exactly an 'old skool ford' i know, but any advice would be appreciated Cheers Chris
  13. Hi! Here's an update on my 2.8injection special project. I have just got it back from the welder and he has finished off the rest of the body work including....... New Rear Valance: Repair to the roof around the sunroof: Front Wing Bumper Bracket Repair: Rear Quater Repair: Pillar & Scuttle Repair: And Finally A Nice New Original Ford Windscreen!!: Cheers Chris
  14. Thanks for the comments guys, I am fortunate enough to have an excellent welder as a friend! Beakster, here a few pics of the car when the sill, wheel arch and part of the front wing were removed. The picture quality is a bit rubbish as they are photos of photos! I deleted them from my memory card! This is once the sill was removed, some patching up was required before the new sill went on as you can see: This is a pic of the bottom half of the front wing, just under the side moulding, which was rotten: And this is the repair: One of the rear arches removed:
  15. I will do mate, thanks! Now I know I can upload pictures, here are a few more. This is the work that is still to be done: New rear valance will be fitted: Front wing bumper brackets need cutting out and patching: Here is a picture of the new sill that has been fitted: This is the front o/side inner wing, underseal removed, rubbed down to bare metal, treated and stone chipped (it has been painted with hammerite grey paint but I havent taken a photo of it yet!): And here is the fitted n/side rear arch: I'll post some more pics as I go along! Cheers guys!
  16. Hi, I thought it was about time I posted some photo's of my 2.8injection Capri that is halfway through its restoration. I have owned the car for about 3 years, and decided to take it off the road last year to bring it up to scratch. Here is a pic of the car before i started (looks better in this photo!) This is a pic of the new rear outer and inner arches: This is the new original ford tailgate (old stock) fitted for sizing: This is th first time I have posted pictures, hopefully I have done it right! if they appear ok, i'll post some more later! [/img]
  17. Hi Ben, Thanks for the reply. Thats why I cant find it on the internet then My Dad has worked in the Dagenham engine plant for 40 years (nearly as long as henry ford!!!!!) I wonder if he can get me in there!?!? I will find out! Top magazine by the way, the only problem is I have got every issue which means I cant miss one....looks like I am gonna have to subscribe for the rest of my life! Thanks Chris
  18. Hi All, congratulations on another blinding issue! I especially liked the article about the Ford Heritage Centre. I always thought that the Dagenham centre closed and was then relocated in Warwickshire? I dont suppose you know who or how I can contact the Dagenham site to go and have a look around? I only live round the corner from it and my dad has worked in Fords Engine plant for 40 years and I have never been to see the heritage centre! He asked about and it and was told that it was in Warwickshire?! Cheers Chris
  19. They are my mates cars.......I had to go in my SAAB 93 though as my Capri is in bits in my garage!
  20. Great Pics! Was a good show apart from the weather! ....Thats me in the background of that last picture posted of the silver 3.0s! I was there with that car and the peppermint green 3.0s!
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