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  1. Had a super day out at my first OSF event. Thank you very much
  2. If the weather holds up, this will be my first OSF event
  3. Nice pictures, thanks for posting them for us to see. I think it was the Tickfords first outing since it changed hands, I think he is a very proud owner of this car!!
  4. I thought it was good show, nice people and nice Capri's A couple of new ones to the scene as well.
  5. Thank you to all for such a warm welcome Now I have to start reading the forum, there is such a lot to read, where do I start, at the top i guess!!
  6. Hello all, Thought I would finally join the OSF Forum, with a little persuasion from my fellow Ford Capri owner Sue (OldSkoolSue) who reliably informs me that this site is good for technical advice and bit of good general banter I own a slightly modified Mk3 Capri. One will freely admit one is not very hands-on but its made up for with the love for my Ford and enthusiasm!! so I apologise in advance for the many stupid questions which I will ask.... Debbie
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