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  1. This has to be one of the worst travesties ever performed on a Ford Mustang - those wheels look like they came out of a 1970s board game!!!
  2. Ahh, Dunoon! One of my favourite places to start a drive in the back o' beyond. You know, I can't recall ever seeing an American car there and yet I'm well aware of the American Navy's history there. My Dad was friends with the Commander of the Dry Dock many moons ago. You'll no doubt see me and the Muzzie head over your way this Summer!
  3. Here's some of the old Fords that I've owned - late 80s, (Mk2 Capri) early 90's (RS2000 and 2.8inj) and early 2000s . . (red Mk4 Cortina 1.6GL and blue Mk4 Cortina 2.0 Ghia) I sold the red Capri to a pal in Balfron, the RS2000 to a guy in Lanark in '91, the 2.8i Capri to a guy from Edinburgh, the red Cortina went on fire and sold it to a guy in Rosyth, I think and the blue Mk4 Cortina I drove to Colchester to sell to a chap there in Summer 2011. He'd been following the car for many years as it used to belong to his neighbour and he'd pass it every day on his way to school when he was a kid! The Mk2 Capri was my favourite - my pal bought it as a 2.0 auto at the market and rebuilt the engine with all the race goodies and gave the car the works. I just remember it being a flying machine - I wonder how fast it would feel today after years of driving turbocharged cars?! Does anyone know where any of them are today?
  4. 😆Nice one! Thanks folks. Here's a couple of more photos for you.
  5. Absolutely STUNNING! Signal Orange has always been one of my favourite colours.
  6. Hi all, After selling my much loved and admired Mk4 Cortina many moons ago, I got into old Audis and ended up frying my brain with burnt out sensors and engineering that was well beyond my understanding. Following a health scare last year and one too many deaths in the social circle, I did what any fellow in his 50s would do and started that Bucket List in earnest. I bought this '67 Mustang Fastback and the Old Ford Obsession gripped me yet again. Having owned several Escorts, Capris and Cortinas over the years, I've found another car that gives me great pleasure to own. You can't beat an old Ford! There's not much vintage Mustang action north of the Border that I can find, so I hope that you'll accept this old bus into the Old Skool Ford group - variety really is the spice of life and I love every one of these old Fords - there are some stunning cars on this forum! Craig
  7. We had a great weekend venturing away from old school fords for a change, to something a little different... OMG i think we're hooked!! ObC6ewLQpsw Rusty
  8. hi, does anyone know who would have been the main ford dealer in lincoln in the mid 70s? i am trying to trace my car's history. thanks rusty
  9. aye, i would agree. everything i've been reading lately says that twin 45s are the way forward for a pinto. twin 40s apparently won't make any more difference than a well tuned twin choke weber so the 45s are the next step up. currently looking for a set for my old mk 4 cortina - can't wait to bolt them on! rusty
  10. i had a hell of a bother trying to concoct a way of anchoring the cable to the pedal in my old red mk4 cortina when i was fitting a set of R1 carbs and a bogg bros manifold! i eventually used a jubilee clip and clamped it around the top of the pedal rod - not a good idea as the bloody thing frayed! i never did get that bike carb set up working properly and my efforts ended up with a rather burnt out engine bay!! rusty
  11. lol aye nothing at all! my missus would rather have had one likes yours but i guess it's what you grew up with! Mk4 ''Tina - da bizz! Rusty
  12. Well very little rust actually on these old cars! i owned them in the late 80s and early 90s - sideways fun in the RS and sideways HELL in the Mk2 Capri! Ahhh, the good old days before speed cameras taught us a lesson.. Rusty Mk2 Capri with Stage 3, 2.0litre Pinto and race mods - a flyer - more so sideways! It started out life as a bit of a banger from the market - red with a WHITE vinyl roof and an auto box! Reported still to be seen around the Stirling area and looking well hammered! This car was made for it! Now here was the car for going along at 45 degrees! Even a broken leaf in the south of france couldn't slow her down! I don't know where LFV 22T ended up - last i heard it was up Dunfermline way...anyone know? And the cleanest of them all - a ford with no rust at all! 2.8Injection..
  13. ahh now that's a beezer!! saw them racing years ago at the ford fair i think at brandshatch - what a sound when backing off coming into the bends!! i thought those carbs were gonna lift off!! luvvit rusty
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