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  1. FOR SALE 1999 FORD MUSTANG 3.8 V6 ENGINE Bare Engine £400 As some of you may know I have bought this 1999 Manual Ford mustang as I intend to use the running gear for my latest project . But I don't need the engine, so its up for sale. From what I have found out so far, these engines are based on the Essex V6 Engines 190BHP https://en.wikipedia...ssex_V6_engine_(Canadian)
  2. Yes I was disappointed in the turnout ,It would have been nice for people who were not coming along to just post up. Lesson learnt I suppose, I wont be doing it again . But big thanks to the guys who did come
  3. Hello all I don't get on here as much as I would like, Over on Buysellcortina and MTOC. I am organizing an all cortina meet at Santa pod raceway over the weekend of July the 2nd & 3rd to maybe see who owns the fastest cortina in the UK ? Do you! think you do have it ? Why not come along and show us But Its not all about the fastest cortina As I will be taking a blast drive down the strip in my all Standard MK3 GXL. Just a bit of full for all cortina peeps and a chance to meet up have a beer or three, camp over night and maybe try your cortina down the strip at santa pod.
  4. nope! when i rite click theres no option to paste in the box
  5. cant seam to copy and past any pikkis . even from photobucket
  6. Crystal Green Mk5 Cortina XRF847X, Leicester, 16/10/13 Crystal Green 1982 Mk5 Cortina 2.0 Ghia Automatic registration number XRF847X was stolen on 16th October 2013 from New Parks Boulevard near to the Dominion Road island between 0630 and 1030am. Car would have had to have been taken away on a truck. Car's fitted with a factory sunroof, over riders, green Chasworth interior, rear seat belts & standard alloys. Chassis number = WF0FXXGBBFCS20330 Engine number = CS20330
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