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  1. looks like its just me tomorow then
  2. Right peeps, how is the wednesday 23rd Feb at Burton waters sound?
  3. Anther good little meet. Whats peoples opinions about moving the next one to Burton Waters, just outside lincoln?
  4. You know im there, but i'll leave the plantpot covered up i think and come in the ever so clean estate!
  5. Hopefully the weather will let me come in a fez
  6. I dont have a time machine I'm guessing you mean the last wednesday in jan though
  7. I'll be ther, and like longun, if its good weather the fiesta, if not, the workbus!
  8. Cheers guys. I absolutely love the colour! It shines up real well
  9. I haven't updated for a while, heres how she stands at the minute And also started this project:
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