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  1. Hi yall just to let you know my club is holding a little show on sunday the 13th at west mersey youth camp open to all so if you feel like poping along as a club or just parking up 'n' lookin' around feel welcome , entry is £8 per car (sorry had to go up after 14 years due to site fees etc), if you do ask for owen(thats me) it would be nice to meet ya. hope to see you there
  2. Thanx mate just sent them an e mail, we shall see if i got it right asi 'aint to good at this 'poter stuff, hope they do as it looks a b***h to shape out ov tinbut i shall have a go if not
  3. Dose any one out there know if the sills with the extra piece at the rear just behinde the door are still made by anyone as the 16 has got it bad there as well as the sill and the arch damned people and there filler over rust!
  4. Hi yall been lookin' in from time to time, thought i may as well join in, as me 'n' missus run a 1.6 mk 3 capri,and i have a xx pack 2.8i thats nearly finnished with mod's to the xx pack, thats excluding the chevy 'n' the bikes. The 16 is off the road at the mo' due to an attack of the rust monster, but will be back soon
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