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  1. I used my MK2 on the road for 6 months as an everyday car the Quaife Straight Cut never bothered me.
  2. If your LSD is noisey its not set right (for road use). Speak to Wayne Wigger at Wacky Race Engines. Dont how many times I have to say it ATB is not the same as an LSD. LSD will donut all day, ATB's are far harder to donut as they never lock both wheels together. ATB's were designed for FWD to help reduce torque steer.
  3. This from 30 years ago from Dave at Leda.
  4. Off topic, may sound weird, but......... Muggy Bonehead sir, did you ever radomly test MK1 Transit Minibus brakes ???
  5. I put arouind where the circlip was. But that was 22 years ago. You can also shim it, I used coke can cut up with scissors, but it does not last longer than about a month.
  6. Bead of silicone is also good.
  7. Hi mate sent you a text on axle stands. Regards Dave.
  8. Some will know the driving master.
  9. Stiggy

    Sky F1 Streams

    No dodgey streams I mean.LOL.
  10. Stiggy

    Sky F1 Streams

    Anyone know of any Sky F1 streams ??
  11. Stiggy

    Jeremy Clarkson

    Clarkson Clarkson Clarkson. Perhaps it's all clarkson so you dont see this ?????? http://www.theguardian.com/society/2015/mar/12/nhs-agrees-largest-ever-privatisation-deal-to-tackle-backlog Of course it may just be me.
  12. To make it clear are you talking about the inside of the wheel or the face of the spokes ?? As the outer face of your pic looks like its been machined.
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