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  1. Just to add, I have to admit that I do not as such use them as a battery charger, mainly I bought them for using as a maintainer across an already charged battery, the one's I have are the XS- 0.5, it has an output of 0.5 Amps and just keeps the battery topped up, and once the battery is at 100% charge (14.4 to 14.6 volts), just pulses the battery as and when it needs to, to keep battery at its fully charged state, it would charge a flat battery BUT it would take an awful long time if it was say 55AH battery, it may take 4 or 5 days or so, but the thing is, CTEK stuff is good kit, end off.
  2. I agree with all the positives on the Ctek chargers, I have them on all my classic Fords, never had a problem with anyone of them.
  3. Is it an Imperial spanner or Metric !!??, just thinking, if you have Imperial hands and the handle is Metric, might cause a bit of a rash !!??.
  4. Hi, Have you any paper work to establish that the said Escort you sold has had a new exhaust fitted !!??, or a receipt for the exhaust you have fitted, I would not be forced into supplying a new exhaust to the buyer if I could show proof of the car having a new exhaust. He test drove the car & was happy with the exhaust on the test drive, he has now driven it for 8+ hours, I would say that it has just settled down and prob needs re-aligning and tightening up, maybe the exhaust clamps need undoing and a little exhaust paste fitting in the joints, but to me this looks like a
  5. Hi, There are a few on Ebay at the moment, some of the sellers are saying that they have Genuine Ford ones, but if it does not say FORD in the oval on the front of the glass, then they are not 100% genuine. I don't have any spare genuine ones to sell as I have Escort MK2 Ghia,s myself, so need the lamps.
  6. No problem, the ones I wanted were still on Ebay, so I bought them.
  7. There are a few on the Evil Bay, so not sure what is yours, have you a item number please. Ta.
  8. Hi, I am very interested in them, if your able to take them off. Ta, Al.
  9. Hi, No prob, will get it out tonight with the wife (The vinyl roof you smutty minded git's !!!!!!!!!!!!!!) and have a look, I would prob say it will be 4 door, more common to have one for a 4 door on the spares shelf of a closed down Ford dealership, but who know,s. ??!!.
  10. If the vinyl on the front "A" pillar looks as though it has got a hem at the bottom of it (looks like it is folded over & stitched), then it is a Ford original.
  11. Why on earth Ford have different "A" pillar lengths on vinyl roofs I don't know, I much prefer the full "A" post covered, make's it look more even left to right, perhaps the short one's are fitted as a retro fit, rather than factory fit one, that would be fitted before the glass went in, I don't know, all I know is, that if you have a vinyl roof covered Escort, there is a fair bit less to have to polish !!??.
  12. Cheers Guy,s, some nice pic,s of the required cars, so I was correct about the white RS2000 stopping short on the windscreen pillar, it is not in shot on the yellow one. Only one thing for it, I will have to take it out of the box for a look-see, but I will have to wait until the wife is home, I will never get it back in the box, or if I did manage to get it back in, you can bet your life my cat will have got in the box before the vinyl roof did !!??, and once in, she don't like being told to get out, and at £155.00 posted, I ain't throwing in a free PUSSY !!??, but you can have the wife
  13. Hi, I actually have 3 of them, but the other 2 are Tobacco Brown, and I have Escort MK2 Ghia,s with Brown roofs, so they will be spares for them. I am not sure if this is 2 or 4 door version to be honest, I will have to see if I can cross reference the part number !!??, what would you say is the most different part, I would guess at maybe the rear pillar !!??, one is bound to be wider than the other, and I am too lazy to go and measure them, but if the 2 door had a wider rear pillar, I guess a 2 door could be adjusted by cutting to fit, but not the other way around !!??.
  14. For sale here is a brand new Genuine Ford Vinyl roof covering for Ford Escort MK2 in Black. Ford numbers on box are as follows -: 75AB T53700 AA FA 1556116 ROOF COVER £155.00 POSTED.
  15. The fumes inside have got to worth £5.00 alone, they are real 4* fumes from the 80,s, I can bag it & post for £5.50, or collect and suck them out for free.
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