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  1. Yeah, as Col says, they where never made by FORD, just contracted out and made in the million's, don't know why they suffer from the delaminating edge though, and the blighters are ultra sonic welded together, so cannot get them apart, they do appear seldom new, but are big money, I have been lucky, bought one new and have bought 2 clean ones off Ebay, my Ghia has never been outside in its life, yet that one has delam 360 degrees around, only about 2mm of it, but enough to spoil it. Al.
  2. Nah, Not even 100 W mate, the Eco gits say it got to be an Energy saving LED type A.B.A.A.B.I.A.C.A (TRANSLATES TO-: AS BRIGHT AS A BUTTON IN A CATS A**E).
  3. Well I am going to say NO to that about UK having swing able visors, my 2 MK2's certainly don't, and they are 1976 & 1979, and I have had a few back in the 80's, and they did not so I am sure as can be they don't, and my MK1 Capri's don't either. Would be great if you could combine the 2 things, even if you had to somehow make a new centre clip thing to hold the visors, I am sure you could conjure up some thing to do the two jobs. Let me know about the mirror, its your if you want it. Cheers. Al.
  4. If you had a spare visor middle bit the same as what you already have you might be able to manipulate it with hot air to "Bulge it out", but it might split, so you would have to try on an old crappy one first. Al.
  5. I have an old mirror here the mirror has delamination issues, that is why I took it off and fitted a slightly better one, you can have it if you want.!!??.
  6. Hi, I've got a fresh loaf of bread in the kitchen hope we don't get them mixed up, sliced bike battery and cheese/onion, not what I want for a snack.
  7. That's a thing, depends on if you can do without the swivel visor bit for the sake of the mirror ??. Toss of a coin for one or the other. Just wondering if the mirror would sandwich between the two items !!??. Regards. Al.
  8. Hi pal, I would try a fused supply off a car battery, a battery charger may only be half wave rectified or full wave but not smoothed, so there might be enough AC ripple voltage to upset the clock, some clocks are transistor run and like a clean DC not a chopped DC supply, worth a try bud. Al.
  9. Hi, If you look at UK Ebay number 233225558290, I know they are LHD visors, but you should be able to see the small plastic blocks that the visor hinges on, are the outside ends of your Australian visors the same !!??, if yes, you may only need the blocks, and could cut down your "EXTENDED" version on yours and push them into the blocks and drill for a self tapper, should be real easy to do. Regards. Al.
  10. Hi Ian, Those covers where being reproduced last year in white & black, and they looked good, but what you cannot tell from a photo is, is the picture actually a picture of the repro cover or a very good original one just for the picture purpose !!??. That said it was last year and they may have had a small batch made and all sold. Double bugger.
  11. Hi, Our sun visors are only attached with short self tapping screws, so there will be no rivnuts to look for, just align up and drill a hole for a self tapper. RS models have black roof liner, Ghia's etc-etc white or poss off white or putty colour, and same with the visors, getting you a set over would be costly on the postage, but I could look out for a set for you. Regards. Al.
  12. Hi again, It is 3 M6 screws, could not remember if 2 or 3. Second to last picture is my MK2 Ghia, the others are of my MK2 Mexico, both mirrors are dipping type (by hand), the only difference is that the mirror cover on the Ghia is white, and on the Mexico it is black, but the mirror is the same on both cars, I can get pic's of a mirror off the car so you can see the back of it if any good to you. !!??. Regards. Al.
  13. Hi, The mirror on UK Escorts MK2 is held in place with 2 or 3 M6 Countersunk Pozidrive screws, just behind the interior light. On the roof inner double skin (where the interior lamp sits recessed) the are 2 or 3 rivnuts fitted in the stiffener, this is what the mirror is screwed into, now the only issue I can see, is are the rivnuts actually in place on a Escort shell for the Australian market !!??, I would like to say YES, because they don't have to be used and would be covered up by the headlining if not in use. Is there a legal reason why the Australian Escorts use a glued mirror !!??, when we had ours mechanically fixed !! was to it pass TYPE APPROVAL or something. Anyway, Katana or me or even both will send pictures, but our mirrors do the same with delamination around the outer edge, and a new mirror can be £180.00+ if you can find one, but used nice ones turn up all the time, and there is a choice of dipping and non dipping, but standard was dipping (hand operated). Al.
  14. Hi Ian, If your not in a rush (say next week to 10 days), I will have found which box has my spare switches in and I know I have the correct "Illuminated" hazard switch with the correct "Symbol Orientation" on. If you still have the alternator bracket for the "RS", we can have a deal on that (Not a straight swap, the bracket is worth more than the switch), if that is any good for you. Ta. Al.
  15. 333157391354 Above Ebay number is the switch you need complete with the lamp holder. Regards.
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