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  1. What a waste of base coat and lacquer, and never bothered to paint under bonnet, still in original blue, not for me at all sorry.!!
  2. For sale a brand new rear L.H. complete rear lamp assembly for the Ford Escort MK1 & Capri MK1, & brand new rear len's and brand new chrome surround for the R.H. side of the said same vehicles. All items brand new & genuine Ford not repro, in as new boxed condition. Located in Wrexham North Wales, but will post to UK destination. Good opportunity to have a brand new pair of rear lights and all new chrome on the rear of your Escort MK1 or Capri MK1. £360.00 + Post for the full lamp L.H. and the rear lens, chrome surround R.H., you will not be disappointed.
  3. Hi, A minimum of an 085 40Ah battery, but for a bit of extra cranking power & more in reserve an 097 60Ah would be just the job. Regards.
  4. I have a real soft spot for MK1 Transit,s especially when it has its V4 in it, takes me back to being an apprentice, proper old school works van, no mod con,s at all, basic, my wife laughs her head off when I am watching the likes of the SWEENEY or MINDER/PROFESSIONALS etc-etc, and I see a MK1 Tranny, makes me real teary eyed, wish I was back in them days and a lot of the people I was with back then, sadly no longer with us, thank the lord for this web site. xx
  5. Yeah, looks real good, nice bit of quality work being done on it, no corners cut, will be a credit when finished, well done.
  6. No, different type, mine has a plastic removable fluid reservoir.
  7. Looks like a HOT DOG to me, with onions on the top. !!??.
  8. Picture of lamp holder, only short wires on it, so will need to be extended. Regards Al.
  9. Hi, Found today a brand new Girling Master Cylinder with extension rod, it is a .70 bore size, and as new with fluid reservoir & cap.
  10. Hi again, Let me know if he strikes out, I have one spare one left, has a double earth wire on it, but just solder the 2 together and extend to your wiring, yours for the price of the postage & jiffy bag. Regards Al.
  11. I hope he has something for you, I bought some lamp holders for my Gauges that were from Triumph/BSA but they used a 501 capless lamp !!, hopefully he does both types. Al.
  12. Vista is correct in saying that this lamp holder will physically fit the switch on a MK1, but is only a single wire lamp holder, the Earth side of the MK2 Escort bulb holder picks up from the inside of the MK2 switch, so you would have to carefully solder a wire to the exposed conductor strip on the outside of the holder, as the MK1 switch does not have the corresponding earth return in the switch.
  13. Hi, Had a look in my boxes, and I only have a .75 Girling Master cylinder for a car with servo, so I don't have the one with the extension rod on the rear, sorry. Regards. Al.
  14. Hi, I put the name in F/book, but it did not find anyone of that name, is there a contact address or details for him. Cheers. Al.
  15. I will have a look to see if I have one with the extended rod on the back of the cylinder.
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