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  1. Hi, I have brand new ERT9,s Genuine Ford, £16.00 plus post if you are after a new one. Regards. Al.
  2. Complete waste of time, Tin & Lead are NOT Soluble in petrol as is the same with most metals in their solid form, it is Compounds of these metals and other additives like "T.E.L" & Sodium that increase Octane levels and provide lubrication to the exhaust seats, depending on your mileage and driving style, either unleaded head conversion, use a premium "Super Unleaded" fuel, additive etc-etc, I have just sold a brand new Crossflow head, that I had inserts fitted to the exhaust valves & all new valves.
  3. Take your time grinding off the remains of the bracket, or you will end up breaking through the two spot welds holding it on, and have two holes that will piddle oil everywhere. Have you got of any flap wheel discs that you can put on your angle grinder rather than the solid grinding discs, they are more forgiving & gentle on the metal.
  4. Has it got to be an Ashley one !!??, got new Genuine Ford one's.
  5. Deffo !, but I will have to make the used seat look as nice as the new one, so I will have to strip it all down and either powder coat the frame & seat runners, or paint them, then get the new foams & covers fitted to it, like many other things, something I said I will get around to next week !!!!!!!, but that was about 5 years ago, and I still ain't got around to getting the used seat stripped, maybe next week !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!.
  6. Well I can Guarantee he did not get £1k for them, about £400 tops the pair, I have one brand new N/S Laser seat, still in Ford's shrink wrap Ford logo PVC film, complete with seat frame, and I paid £25.00 for it from the dealer that was closing down, when I make up a O/S one from a second hand seat with new covers & foams/webbing, I will be asking £550.00 the pair, and I will be chuffed to bits.
  7. Hi, Quite nice, but 2.2 Kw D.O.L. (DIRECT ON LINE) will quite often pop the 13 amp plug top fuse, it would be better wired via a 16A commando plug and socket, via a dedicated 20A "C" rated RCCBO. A type "B" RCCBO or MCB will likely not like the inrush current of the motor, but by all means try it first on a 13A plug top, it may well be ok and hold, but the lights will dim a little when she kicks in, don't even think about running through an extension lead, not unless it is a good heavy duty one and fully unwound, they should not call these compressors "13A" it is misleading, a 3.0Kw kettle has less impact on the supply when switched than this 2.2Kw motor will.
  8. I have for sale a pair of genuine Ford Green track rod ends for MK2 Mexico/RS2000 £45.00 each plus postage. Multiple numbers of them if required, these are the genuine Ford items not copies. Thanks.
  9. Ah, that makes more sense, it is a clear over base you are using if the colour coat is drying with a matt finish.
  10. 2K Lacquer in an aerosol, wonder how that works !!??, most aerosol lacquers are 1K or "Air Dry Lacquer", if your using direct gloss top coat in an aerosol, the lacquer might make it look too shiny, as the car would originally have been painted direct gloss colour with out a clear coat on the top.
  11. Is it going to be for sale after its finished !!??, to get top dollar it all needs to be done, nobody wants to buy a car for strong money, only to find out after 12 months they need to do a mini resto on it, there cannot be much more on it if you have already stripped out the front end and are attending to what you have found, in for a penny, in for a pound I say.
  12. Hi, I would be interested in a set for a crossflow if any of them would be available for sale. Regards. Al.
  13. Hi, I have Genuine Ford ones at £45.00 each +£2.00 P&P if your after puka Ford Green TRE,s Regards.
  14. I use the 3M Trizact compounds, and they have all been fine with me, depends on the paint as well, if it is well cured 2 pack, or clear over base finish, also what the film thickness is before you start to compound the paint.
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