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  1. Not ASH, that was later, when the rear brakes overheated and set fire to the lot.!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!.
  2. That engine looks pretty clean, bit of carbon build up, but not masses of it, all cylinders look to be working the same by the colour of the exhaust valves. Also on Metric 711M Crossflows, the cast number on the head were the rocker shaft sits will say "33" for 1100/1300 and "37" for 1600, not sure what head you have on your 1300 but a cheap tuning mod at one time was a 1600 Sport/Ghia head on the 1300 block, the biggest problem is you don't know if the head on the 1600 you pinch it off is the original one !!??, the engines have been around so long now, that they have been "whipped off/on" so many times, that you might even be taking off a 1300 head from a 1600 engine !!, so check the cast number on the top face by the rocker shaft just to confirm that it is a 1600 or 1300. Crossflow heads do tend to crack between seats after many years, I have two piles of crossflow heads in my garage, cracked & non cracked, the cracked pile is more than double the non cracked pile.
  3. Current is POWER Divided by VOLTAGE 520/13.9 = 37.4
  4. Hi all, To be honest, it makes very little difference what way around the pipes are connected onto the heater matrix. The only reason a manufacturer has a "THIS PIPE HERE, THIS PIPE THERE", is for ease of production manufacturing, for example, if one pipe to the heater was coming from the left side of the engine (as viewing from under bonnet), then that could go on the bottom pipe stub of the heater, if the remaining pipe was coming from the right hand side of the engine, then that could go on the top heater pipe stub, that way the pipes do not have to be shaped to cross over each other and is a smoother route. Taking a BRAND NEW heater matrix, the flow would be identical in both directions, only after years of use and build up of muck etc-etc in the heater matrix, would there be any difference in flow if it where reversed, even then it should have no affect on the cooling of the engine block itself, cars have the heating turned off in the summer and the majority don't overheat. There is one check to be sure and that is air locks, any air trapped in the cooling system could have an effect on temperature, as will the general condition of the radiator and coolant passage ways in the heads, block & inlet manifold, an engine not being treated to good antifreeze & corrosion inhibitor could have a furred up rad or semi blocked water channels anywhere in the circuit, including the heater system.
  5. Very nice, I thought this had sold at the beginning of the year on Ebay !!??
  6. And I should NOT have jumped onto the thread with my parts either, it is very rude of me, and I too apologise, "PEOPLE IN GLASS HOUSES" etc-etc, sorry Mr ebb43.
  7. Yip, the half shaft needs to come out, as the bearing is on the very end of the shaft where it locates in the axle case. 4 bolts hold it in, and they are accessed through the 25 mm holes in the flange of the half shaft where your wheel bolts are. I have never had a half shaft that I cannot remove, BUT I do have a very-very good slide hammer that pulls them out on the second or third attempt. There are other methods, like putting the wheel back on the wheel studs, and hitting the outside edge of the wheel, but you can end up damaging the wheel or yourself, swinging a bloody big hammer. Might be best if you can see if you can "Borrow" a good slide hammer, guess your nowhere near Wrexham are you !!??, you could have had the use of mine. The bearing is still a press fit with a new locating collar, so once you have the shaft out, you will still need a press. Good luck whatever you do.
  8. GREAT reg letters. I like a "B.J.F." then the main event !!!!!????? I,ll get me coat. !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  9. Hi, I have a pair of rot free Capri MK1 doors, but they are £350.00 the pair, if anyone is doing a resto. Collection from North Wales.
  10. Replace the 1 for a ONE and pronounce it like a China Man "WAN" CUP !!!!!!!!!!!
  11. You are very much welcome my mate, you sorted me out when I needed something, so I feel better returning the help. I don't have anything that has the horseshoe cylinder clips, and I am sure you have a MK1 Escort and I am 98% sure they have them on, the same as my MK1 Capri's did, so more use to you than they will be for me, and I have a box of 50 Genuine Ford Crossflow rocker cover gaskets, so a pair for your future use. Thanks Rich your a "BUDDY". Ta. Al.
  12. Hi, At the end of the day, the points are switching the negative supply, there should be 12v or maybe 9v if it is through a ballast resistor onto one side of your coil, poss marked "+" If you have 12v on one side of the coil, take off the wire that goes to the points,maybe marked "-" or "SW", make yourself up a length of cable from the Negative battery terminal or good clean metal work near by, and brush the cable onto the terminal on the coil that you have just taken the points wire off, if you do then get HT from the main coil to dizzi HT lead, then your fault is on the points side and are not switching the coil off/on. Also you should not have 12v at the points if the points are closed, if you do have 12v at the points and the points are closed, then there is no Negative return on the dizzi body, there should only be voltage on the points if they are open, the points are in series with the coil. Regards. Al.
  13. RICH T is ACE !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!. He gave me one of his NUTS for free. It was a really nice NUT round with a nice 50p edge to it, it had a nice feel to it, as I rolled it around in my fingers and have since screwed it onto the bottom of my knob (Choke knob that is). When I pull my knob out on a cold morning Rich, I will be thinking of you.!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!??????????????????????????. Let me know if your looking for anything for your motor mate, see if I can return the favour. Cheers. Al.
  14. I am pretty sure they do have a "Standard" bottom of radiator cooler, but not a multi row radiator type cooler. My 1977 MK2 Ghia auto had 2 pipes from the side of the gearbox go into the bottom of the radiator, I removed the 2 pipes and piped them up to a proper 7 row auto box cooler matrix for when I was towing the caravan, if your not towing anything, the standard single pipe in the radiator is good enough.
  15. "Love it. I had the exact same car when we needed a 4 door, after 2 kids popped out of my Betty's flower." Hurt my lungs laughing to what "dt36" said, bloody brilliant, you will have to wear "Rubber Gloves" next time you are going "GARDENING" !!!!!. Made my day that has. Oh yeah, nice Sierra as well, forgot all about the car.
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