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  1. caprimk1v4

    Wanted Mk2 Escort Fiddly Trim Bits

    MK2 Mexico being brought up to a show in North Wales (RS Owners club show or something) in 2016 on a service station on the M5. Car had come from PORT ISAAC, where the series Doc Martin is filmed. Is a 1976 car, one owner, and I forgot the dealers name it came from, it is in the rear window. Car had less than 4000 miles on it, but was not interested in parting with it, inside was as nice as my new modern car, if not better. As can be seen on this one, 1.6 badge on wings in silver, silver door handles, silver boot lock, silver gutter moulding, the wiper arms were silver as well, the only thing not silver was the door mirrors, they are both black. Boot lid had "ESCORT" in silver on L.H.S, and MEXICO on R.H.S. Would love to have seen it running, would have been as tight as a drum. Inside was strange though, no clock, no radio, no glove box, but it had a roof aerial.
  2. caprimk1v4

    1600 xflow throttle linkage setup mk1

    Not sure what it is off, but it looks as though it was originally for an auto box car, pretty sure that the throttle cable should pass through the lower hole in the black bracket, the kickdown cable would then be in the top hole of the black bracket ??!! What car is it on, I have a few GT brackets for the Escort MK2 Ghia & 1600 Sport (same bracket and rod).
  3. caprimk1v4

    Mk2 outer weather strips

    You also need to keep on top of Ebay, a new pair came up last Wednesday, listed as MK3 Cortina, but with the part number coming up with 75AB, I had a closer look and they where Escort MK2 2 door, so I bought them for the £18.00 BUY IT NOW they were listed at, someone was listing a used pair on EBay at the same time for £65.00, I was in the right place at the right time for once.
  5. I have for sale a set of 16 (sixteen), Genuine Ford UNF wheel nuts for the Capri MK1 Rostyle type wheels, will also fit Escort MK1 if still has it's UNF studs on. Very-very nice order, (well brand new they will be). North Wales, £135.00 plus post.
  6. For sale a brand new Genuine Ford outer door skin for the Escort MK2 2 Door. This is for the off side door, (Drivers Side). Pretty dirty from storage, but is as good as new under the dirt. £275.00, collection only, I will not post at all. Collection from North Wales.
  7. I have for sale a brand new Genuine Ford/Carello 547 flat front headlamp used on certain models of 1300/1600 Sport & Mexico models. Brand new and mint, I paid £360.00 for this one on EBay, have since bought a full pair, so looking to move this on. Collection as I would not post as it is glass. Any questions please ask. NORTH WALES.
  8. caprimk1v4

    NOS pinto water pump motorcraft - SOLD

    Hi, ok, no prob. Cheers.
  9. caprimk1v4

    NOS pinto water pump motorcraft - SOLD

    has this gone cheers.
  10. caprimk1v4

    starter motor

    PM ed.
  11. For sale is a brand new Girling Master Brake Cylinder for Ford Capri MK1 & Escort MK1. Single outlet cylinder, .70 inch size. Brand new never used, can send picture of cylinder if required. North wales, £82.00 posted.
  12. I have for sale 3 off brand new interior lights for the Ford Escort MK1 & Ford Capri MK1. They are brand new never used, the boxes are dog eared and crumbly, but the lamps are as new. £225.00 each plus post. Had 9 but 6 have dwindled away over the last couple of years, so down to the last 3 Cheers. Located in North Wales. 2x Lights gone one left.
  13. caprimk1v4

    MK1 RS2000 electrical issue

    An alternator output will not change very much upon rising revs if there is no demand, that is the job of the regulator, if the demand is say 7 amps and that can be supplied by the alternator at 1000 RPM, increasing the revs to 2000 RPM the demand would still be 7 amps, so the alternator would not need to supply more, 13.8Volts is not what I would call "Charging Voltage", 14+ Volts would deliver a better charge rate, as long as it does not exceed 14.6 Volts, 13.8 Volts is what I would expect an alternator to give out at tick over on a light load, switch on the headlamps and/or rear window and then increase the revs to 1000 RPM + and the voltage should be closer to 14 Volts indicating that current is being produced.
  14. caprimk1v4

    South African paint code ZZ

    Looks pretty close to Venetian red on my 1976 Mexico MK2. If the car is being painted all over, then that's what I would go with, makes future paint rectification that much simpler. Nice car.