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  1. Replace the 1 for a ONE and pronounce it like a China Man "WAN" CUP !!!!!!!!!!!
  2. You are very much welcome my mate, you sorted me out when I needed something, so I feel better returning the help. I don't have anything that has the horseshoe cylinder clips, and I am sure you have a MK1 Escort and I am 98% sure they have them on, the same as my MK1 Capri's did, so more use to you than they will be for me, and I have a box of 50 Genuine Ford Crossflow rocker cover gaskets, so a pair for your future use. Thanks Rich your a "BUDDY". Ta. Al.
  3. Hi, At the end of the day, the points are switching the negative supply, there should be 12v or maybe 9v if it is through a ballast resistor onto one side of your coil, poss marked "+" If you have 12v on one side of the coil, take off the wire that goes to the points,maybe marked "-" or "SW", make yourself up a length of cable from the Negative battery terminal or good clean metal work near by, and brush the cable onto the terminal on the coil that you have just taken the points wire off, if you do then get HT from the main coil to dizzi HT lead, then your fault is on the points side and are not switching the coil off/on. Also you should not have 12v at the points if the points are closed, if you do have 12v at the points and the points are closed, then there is no Negative return on the dizzi body, there should only be voltage on the points if they are open, the points are in series with the coil. Regards. Al.
  4. RICH T is ACE !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!. He gave me one of his NUTS for free. It was a really nice NUT round with a nice 50p edge to it, it had a nice feel to it, as I rolled it around in my fingers and have since screwed it onto the bottom of my knob (Choke knob that is). When I pull my knob out on a cold morning Rich, I will be thinking of you.!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!??????????????????????????. Let me know if your looking for anything for your motor mate, see if I can return the favour. Cheers. Al.
  5. I am pretty sure they do have a "Standard" bottom of radiator cooler, but not a multi row radiator type cooler. My 1977 MK2 Ghia auto had 2 pipes from the side of the gearbox go into the bottom of the radiator, I removed the 2 pipes and piped them up to a proper 7 row auto box cooler matrix for when I was towing the caravan, if your not towing anything, the standard single pipe in the radiator is good enough.
  6. "Love it. I had the exact same car when we needed a 4 door, after 2 kids popped out of my Betty's flower." Hurt my lungs laughing to what "dt36" said, bloody brilliant, you will have to wear "Rubber Gloves" next time you are going "GARDENING" !!!!!. Made my day that has. Oh yeah, nice Sierra as well, forgot all about the car.
  7. Anyone need or know of anyone that wants a very good used Ford Granada MK2 Saloon rear heated screen.!!!!!!!!. Been in my garage for last 10 years or more, I don,t have a Granada any more so this spare rear screen is no use to me now. Don,t want anything for it, but it would have to be collection, seems a shame to throw it in the skip, might be of use to someone to use or keep like me as a spare. Located in North Wales. Cheers. Al.
  8. Hi, did you get any further with this problem !!?? Yes I agree with Rally Pack 2000 QH CYLINDERS are as good as the Girling ones, be good to know if you fixed the problem and what caused it.
  9. Hi, Converted my Escort MK2 from auto choke to manual choke, with a new Weber carb and new genuine Ford choke cable. But the new choke cable did not come with a nut to secure the cable to the steering wheel cowl, not sure what thread it is, I have tried metric nuts and nothing fits, so if anyone has a nut for sale or could say what it is I am searching for, would be ace. Cheers. Al.
  10. You will also need to look out for a front bowl sump, as most crossflows from Capri's & Escort's will be rear bowl and they will not fit into a MK2 Cortina engine bay, and front bowl 1600 sumps are like hen's teeth. You might be able to modify your existing 1300 front bowl sump to clear the larger crank throw, so don't get rid of it.
  11. Hi, What make are the rear wheel cylinders !!??, are they genuine Girling or copy parts like First Line etc-etc, and are you using mineral brake fluid or synthetic !!??,.
  12. Hi, I would suspect 99%, that it will be a problem with the internal regulator in the alternator, any external problems in the electrical system is ,as you say, more than likely give the symptom of a voltage drop NOT spike, a spike like what you are getting at 18v could do a lot of harm to electronic items such as radios, and electronic ignition modules and such like, make sure that there is a good earth connection onto the engine block and the alternator bracket its self, the alternator needs a good return path on it.
  13. There is a 1 owner Escort MK2 Mexico with under 4K miles from new in Cornwall, offers starting at £65K and he only got one viewer in 2 years of advertising, mind you it is as new and you could not drive it, but the chances of people buying a non gen Escort would probably be higher than buying a 43 year old "Minter", and I know what I would rather have !!??, how do you come off having these "Replicas" on the public highway, have they crash tested a few hundred of them !!, who's to say that the bloody things don't fall apart at the welds when subjected to a side impact !!, how would one deform around your legs if hit straight on at 50MPH, I know a real MK2 would be in a mess, but they have been tested in hundreds to get type approval, we all know what a cut & shut can do if not done correctly. I think it is a bit scary !!??.
  14. Motorcraft water pump, impellor looks worse in the picture than it is, cast iron impellor with surface rust on. The rest of it is as new. Regards. Al.
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