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  1. Hi all, As RP2000 say's (Must be an old skool lad like myself), once you have gutted the piston rod and valve seal/piston, you can pour out the oil (there is not much in there, about 40cc of oil from memory), pour in a bit of gun wash thinners or or cellulose thinners close off the top with some rags and give it a shake, just the clean out the thickish oil stuck to the insides of the tube, and then pop in a new insert kit that will most prob come with a new neck nut & seal assembly, build it back up and away to go, best check if you can get hold of an insert kit for your struts, later struts came with a as designed stryt insert from build.
  2. NOT all struts have a removable insert, some are built into the case from the factory, I have a brand new set of struts if you ever need them, Genuine Ford one,s.
  3. Steel ones very noisy, aluminium ones a bit quieter but needs new crank gear as well to match. I have 3 new Ford type fiber ones left, as per the original.
  4. Having a tidy up and have come across my Capri MK1 3000 GT Pre-facelift front struts. Car only had 53k miles on it from new before I put new Ford struts on it as I had new boxed ones so I used them. Will not be doing another Capri, so if anyone wants the old struts & springs, they can have them. Collection or your postage costs, thought someone might use them before they go in the bin, think I still have the old original hubs for them (might have lost the bearings), very clean and in general good order. Located in North Wales.
  5. I have for sale, several matched new pairs of Genuine Ford "BUTLERS" rear Escort MK2 saloon rear Lamp lens in the Ford box's. New unused and as new condition. £425.00 per pair with free UK only postage. Will consider better price per multiple order. Will be posted in large cardboard box full of bubble wrap etc-etc.
  6. Hi, Has anyone any recommendations as to where to get a Genuine Ford car radio serviced/overhauled !!, I have a collection of Old Skool Ford radios that I would like to put into some of my cars, but would like to get them checked over first before fitting, there used to be a few old style car radio places, but I cannot find anywhere now that wants to look at an "OLDIE" with transistors and not something that has DAB or iPOD connections !!??. Hope someone can recommend someone or somewhere. ta.
  7. I have only done it when I have had new Lucas units for a Crossflow and wanting one for a Pinto, as they are on the opposite side of the engine.
  8. If you look at an ACR Lucas alternator, there are three mountings lugs, you take out the 3 through bolts, and spin one half of the case to align the front lug with either one of the two other lugs to give you either L.H or R.H mounting, it takes about 3 mins if it is off the car, its that simple.
  9. Thats good news then, as Ray say's it should have a ACR by Lucas on it, 17 ACR springs to mind, but there are a few in the ACR series, and they are L.H or R.H assembled, but very simple to spin the case over to the other hand, I have 2 from APP OLDHAM, as well as one of his high torque starter motors, very happy with all his stuff.
  10. Have you still got the original 3 pin white or black socket on the end of your wiring loom for the alternator !!??, the ACR type alternator has a socket/plug arrangement to plug straight into the alternator, other type alternators use a ring terminal on the + feed to/from alternator, the Ford Escort should have the socket on the end of the cars loom.
  11. Once I get a brand new pair of as new Altissimo lens in boxes, I will then sort out my new stock and sell them off (keeping a pair for each of my own cars), until then I will not be selling any off.
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