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  1. Hi Jimbonic, Just looking at the photo of your exhaust down pipe to exhaust manifold connection, have you got the round fire ring seal in-between the pipe and the manifold !!??. Your picture looks as though the pipe cast flange and the manifold flange are just facing each other without the sealing fire ring in-between them. The seal ring is a cast metal round "doughnut" shaped item with male bevelled edges on that sit in-between the female bevelled edges of the two items to be bolted together. If you look at Ebay item number -: 333119923620 That is what you should have (or something very like it) between the pipe and manifold. Regards. Al.
  2. Wow, that engine really clean inside, not done many miles since build. What happened to the dizzy drive, never had one snap like that, where is the broken bit !!??. Have scrap dizzy here if you need a drive. Keep up the updates.
  3. Hi Jim, I can only guess, it was 2 tone because -: A. The bonnet was rusty, and someone got one from a scrap yard. B.. The car had a bump on the front and as A. above scrap yard job. But after all it was back in the "Old day's", my Mum & Dad where still around, and I would give everything I own to go back, that is why I have classic Ford's, it takes me back to the good old happy day's, everything was so slower, more peaceful, oh well, cannot do owt about it can we. Enjoy your Ford's boy's & girls, a good old slice of the past. P.S. I have a 681F 6015BA engine from my Dads 1968 Capri MK1 1600 XL, that I scrapped in 2014, oh what a fool I have been, I cannot sell the engine for love nor money, brings me a tear every time I look at it. "Stupid Boy Pike" ?????.
  4. Yeah, sure did, tiny little valves, but the casting was good, lots of spec for porting, they also did a 947cc version as well, very rare Export engine to Italy, I have one on a Generator, sweet little runner that will run continually at 3000 RPM for days, (as long as you keep it topped up).
  5. 1100/1300 have the same block with different stroke on the crank, so will look the same from the outside, doubt a 1100 would pull the Cortina very well, 1100 struggles in an Escort and that is lighter than a Cortina. Nice, my first car was a MK2 Cortina 1300 Delux, that had a "Pudding Stick" gear lever, MUN 456G, wish I still had it, Modena Green with a Emerald green bonnet, the "GOOD OLD DAYS". (Wipes a tear from his eye-sniff).
  6. Hi, It does sound as though you have a low ratio diff in your rear axle !!??, (Low ratio is a bigger number as in 4.125/1, a high ratio diff would have a smaller number as in 3.54/1). It depends on what you want to do with the car, if you want a nice relaxed, quiet, long distance cruiser, with good fuel economy, then you want a tall or high ratio diff, if your trying to out accelerate other cars away from the traffic lights, you want a short or low ratio diff, but there are limits, a very tall ratio axle would be say from the likes of a 3000 V6 Capri, that would have either a 3.22/1 or 3.09/1 diff ratio, very tall indeed for a Ford, but your 1500 Cortina engine would not have the power or torque to pull that ratio, and you would never get into top gear. If your happy with how it drives, and it is not breaking the bank at the fuel pump, leave it alone and enjoy it, if like me, my classic cars are just items that I look at and polish, my Capri 3000E did a MASSIVE 1.4 miles in just over 10 years, but I sat in it and wiped it over at least once a week, people say it is a waste, yes I understand that, but the condition I got them in, you would never want to put them on the road, people collect bottles of fine wine, they don't guzzle a bottle down on a Friday night with there fish & chip supper. That's a nice Cortina you have, you should be proud of it. Fords are my hobby, if I could ever help you out in any way, please just contact me here, I will try/do my very best to help you or anyone out. Have a nice day, give the Cortina a wipe over with a soft duster from me. Cheers. Al.
  7. Hi, Not my subject Cortina MK1's more a Capri & Escort "Anorak", as that is what I grew up with. Your Cortina should have a relative good turn of speed, after all, 1500 is a good size, don't know if it is in GT spec or non GT, but I would guess it should have between 60 & 75 BHP !!??. Again, I don't know what your Cortina would have as a "STANDARD" ratio, I am going to say it would have something like a 3.89/1 ratio from factory, or a true 3.9/1 ratio, that should then give it reasonable acceleration and a acceptable top speed, if you go too far one way, like having a 4.444/1 ratio diff (that is a Ford ratio that will fit your axle), then she would accelerate quite rapidly from stand still & in gear acceleration, but your top end would be lower, on the same note if you went for the Escort MK2 Mexico/1600 Ghia/1600 Sport diff ratio of 3.54/1, then your car would lose initial off the mark & in gear acceleration, but the top end before the engine ran out of grunt would be higher. If your ever pulling the diff out to do something, then count the teeth on both the Crown Wheel & pinion and dived the number on Crown wheel by the number on the pinion example -: 37 teeth on C.W. 9 teeth on Pinion would be 37/9 would be 4.111111 or a 4.11/1 diff ratio. There are other ways like car in top gear and measure the amount of turns of the back wheel to the turns of the crank shaft, but not as accurate as actual counting teeth. Al.
  8. Yep, as Col say's, Normal (but clean), standard English/Timken axle unit. They are made from about 8 different sections, all seam welded together on a jig, you could not (in those days), press a complete Banjo case all in one section, be careful how aggressive you are cleaning, they have been known to get small pin holes from years of the rust biting into the steel, and a bugger to get a good weld on a crack or pin hole as your chasing the pitting in the metal. As eeb43 say's wrong year/type diff casting, but the ratio might by chance be the correct one for your application, a bloody good axle in my opinion, ok will not take Cosworth engine torque/power, but will handle good power outputs as long as your not wheel spinning all day, about 9million % better then a Borg Warner or Kolne rear axle, reliable as the day is long, I love them. The diff casting is an Escort item (73 AG) AG denotes Escort origin, the 73 is the year identifier that the part/item/casting was introduced, you will see things like -: 69EB (Capri item from 1969 on) 70EB (Capri item from 1970 on) 73 AB & 73 AG Escort item from 1973 on etc-etc B = Britain G = Germany But could have been made in one of about 20 foundries Ford UK used for casting parts, not all were made in house, a few did get made by outside companies licensed by Ford.
  9. Cheers & thanks, I will keep checking here to see if he has found it. Ta. Al.
  10. Hi, Looking for a Black Escort MK2 Glove Box for RHD car, as nice as possible please. Thanks in advance. Al.
  11. Hi, The smaller valve is the Exhaust valve, so large is inlet. All to do with volumetric efficiency. Good engine the Watermota.
  12. 101% with Col on that one, higher wattage filament lamps will & do melt the diffuser and makes the lamp base very dry & brittle. Another thing with LED lamp for charge warning lamp, the filament lamp is in series with the alternator rotor/field coil, to give the alternator its ability to produce power, by replacing the filament lamp with a LED equivalent, there is not enough current flowing though the field to get the alternator to start producing charge, so the alternator never comes on to charge the battery. At one time, alternators came in two types, current sense, and machine sense, a machine sense alternator does not need the current from the warning lamp, so would be fine with LED, but current sense (common type),need the filament lamp bulb to give the initial charge to start the alternator.
  13. And for a starter motor, you will not go far wrong with one of “ APPOLDHAM,s “1.2Kw geared upgrade starter motors. Turns my 11.1/1 C.R. Pinto 2.2 over like the plugs are out, instant starter, every time, coupled to a Yuasa 55A.H. 585 C.C.A. battery, and Lucas ACR 18 Alternator. All these items are available from the likes of EBAY, but choose the seller carefully, APPOLDHAM is very good.
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