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  1. Hi, as said, the proper action is not really achieved until the brake drum is fitted, when correctly set up and with all springs in good order, there is not a lot of movement of the shoes laterally, the self adjusting mechanism (when working as it should), will keep the friction material of the shoe in very very light contact with the machined face of the drum so light that it is contact with the drum but with zero effort on the rotation of the drum, otherwise you have excess pedal travel when you brake while the shoes move to contact the drum. Can you try the operation of this brake once you have the drum in place and acting more in the real working world. Cheers Al.
  2. They are very low profile tyres on large rims !!!!!!???????, gold finish as well, top stuff.
  3. Very nice, and I love that colour combo, it really suits the shape and lines of the car, as no doubt a lot where in BLACK. That lighter green looks very similar to a colour Ford used in the late 70's early 80's as Highland Green !!??, it used to look very nice on Capri MK3 "S" models, the black "S" decals really showing off the green. Bet that's got Rod brakes !!?? PLUS AN ANCHOR. ??!!.
  4. Ha, nope, no rod brakes for me, but have had to throw out an Anchor the odd time through the window to stop some of the cack I have had to service/work on !!??, I'm just off to change me incontinent pants, before I liquidize my dinner and soak me teeth in Steradent !!!!!!!!. "What time does the Nurse come to put the cream on me piles" !!?? I THANK YOU.
  5. Yep, as Col say's its all to do with "Reaction & opposite reaction", and when set up correctly, is quite efficient, but not to the degree of a rear disc brake on a modern car, above all, and Col will prob agree, everything needs to be clean, smooth, with a very small amount of copper slip on the pivots and sliding mechanism of the cylinder in the back plate, and I do mean very small amounts of copper slip. Al.
  6. Hi, Difference between 1.7 & 2.0 Essex V4 is crank,rods and piston's, bore is the same., heads have smaller valves, cam lift and duration also different between bigger and smaller versions, inlet manifold is a single carb single choke on 1.7, 2.0 is twin choke, slightly different timing curve on the dissi, but the blocks are good for both capacities. Fiber wheels are a weak link, more so if the engine has ever overheated as was quite often in the Zephyr/Zodiac and to an extent Transit, and over revving them can bring on instant stripping of the fiber wheel teeth.
  7. I LOVE THEM. xxxxxxx. To be honest, I like them for the rarity factor, I was brought up on 1.7 & 2.0 V4,s They did the job at the time, and was at its best in Capri MK1 body shells, and at there worst in MK1 Transit,s, Zephyr/Zodiac, but found there way under a few Ford bonnets like Corsair etc-etc. Can be tuned, but not responsive per £ spent on them, not smooth, and was replaced by the much more reliable and more tune-able T-88 "Pinto SOHC engine". I have 4 brand new crated 1.7 H.C. V4,s complete, and they are worth scrap value, but I paid £25.00 each for them, so happy days, one day I will strip all the ancillaries off them, and weigh in the blocks/heads. For me if a car had one under the lid when it was new, then it should still be there, 90% of people with V4 powered Fords will have lifted it out to fit either its big brother V6, or a Pinto engine, but yes I have a soft spot for them. OK I will stand in the corner with a letter "D" on my head.
  8. Nope, our mechanics would use a "MONKEY WRENCH". Ha Ha, I,ll get me coat.
  9. Not good at all, I would love to own a car that once belonged to my Dad, The owner must be heart broken, is there any chance it could be rebuilt !!??, I know 90% of the stuff is burnt away, but the shell is still intact !!, I would have no problem in giving away parts that would help in its resurrection, as I am sure others on here would do. Whatever comes out I would just like to say how sorry I am for the owner, 2020 has not been nice for them to date.
  10. Hi all, They will sell your car for you on a commission basis, but they also buy cars to sell on from themselves, but they don't really offer the buyer anymore than if you bought direct from the seller and did all the normal checks for correct ownership etc-etc, just a glorified in door car showroom.
  11. Yes, and KGF like to make a BIG PROFIT as well. 2 years ago, I sold my 50k from new Capri MK1 3000E, well known and in as new if not better condition I sold it for £32k, KGF offered me £14k saying that there is not much interest in them YEAH RIGHT !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!.
  12. So very sorry to hear this very sad news, never a good time to lose a loved one, made even harder due to the seasonal time we are in. Thinking of you.
  13. Hi, I might have a complete pair of Capri 3.0 V6 struts, but the discs will need skimming as they have been standing a while, or they might just need a good sanding etc-etc, will have a look in the morning.
  14. Hi, If anyone is interested, I have a pair of brand new Genuine Ford Capri front struts, and a brand new Genuine Ford Capri 4 cylinder front engine cross member, £280.00 for the 3 brand new Ford items, collection from North Wales or postage at your cost. Any questions or pictures please ask.
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