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  1. For sale is 3 x brand new genuine Ford water pumps for the Ford crossflow engines. Two are for non viscous fans & one has the threaded boss to take a viscous fan coupling. £330.00 + post Collection available from North Wales.
  2. Also found brand new Genuine Ford Camshaft for standard 1600 Pinto 1600 SOHC in the box 1600 HC engines, as new £80.00, post or collection North Wales.
  3. Hi, I have for sale a brand new Genuine Ford camshaft & followers for a GT spec 1600 Pinto engine, as would be fitted to Mexico MK2, 1600 GT & S Capri,s, Cortina GT & GXL. etc. Ford part numbers are 5004836 A. 78.SX 6A296 BA Bought for myself for a Mexico MK2 but went on to fit a Piper B.P. cam and I don't need a spare cam. Collection or post from North Wales, £100.00 Cam is dusty but still has its black coating intact (apart from what has just gone over my hands from looking at it), the followers will need a clean as they have sat in th
  4. 5/8ths of an inch or near as dam it 16mm, elbow on water pump to heater matrix pipes.
  5. And I traced 3 new bearing collars as well, so every body, is happy, I will have a look for a "Spangler Bolt", I am sure I had a spare with the "Giggling Pins".
  6. Hi all, Does anyone know where I can obtain a pair of half shaft bearing retaining collars for an Escort MK2 Mexico. I have a noisy rear wheel bearing and a new pair of Ford bearings, but no retaining collar in the boxes with them, and I don't like to re-use the old ones, even if I press them off rather than drill & cut them. If anyone knows of where some might be (2 off), I would be a most happy Chappy. Ta. Al.
  7. So very sorry for your loss, not an easy time for you & your family, look after yourself.
  8. Aye up, I am pretty sure the engine mounts are handed, as in one side is longer than the other, so would put the engine in a different lateral position in the engine bay. Perhaps you have them reversed, and it is putting the engine closer to that mount, rather than further away to it, I may be completely wrong, but I am sure one is longer than the other. !!??. Al.
  9. I think that is great, made my day.
  10. Hi, Well the DVLA have it down as last going for an official MOT on 17/05/06 and last V5C change as 30/01/13 Could well be stored up by someone, it is declared as SORN, so I would guess it is still around, but mothballed for some reason. Good luck getting it to come to light, it is a really nice car.
  11. Hi, I cannot get to my cars today to take pictures, the under bonnet of a 1600 Ghia will be the same, as same running gear (if it is a manual car). The dipstick tube should be a rubber pipe with a steel ferrule in the top end, with a steel bracket on the top that is attached to the inlet manifold, so very hard to get in the wrong place, the block should have a steel tube/nipple sticking out of the lower crankcase that the rubber tube locates on, all in all a very simple method to replace, and all should line up correctly if your still using the correct Ford top dipstick tube b
  12. As good as a 711M nearly, as it has the later pistons with valve cutout,s to allow the 711M flat head, pretty sure originally it would have had a head with a small chamber & pistons with only the combustion bowl in the center and no valve cutouts, so a nice engine to have. Good luck.
  13. Just to add, I have to admit that I do not as such use them as a battery charger, mainly I bought them for using as a maintainer across an already charged battery, the one's I have are the XS- 0.5, it has an output of 0.5 Amps and just keeps the battery topped up, and once the battery is at 100% charge (14.4 to 14.6 volts), just pulses the battery as and when it needs to, to keep battery at its fully charged state, it would charge a flat battery BUT it would take an awful long time if it was say 55AH battery, it may take 4 or 5 days or so, but the thing is, CTEK stuff is good kit, end off.
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