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  1. Find out how Ford’s iconic RS Cosworth range redefined the performance car in the Classic Ford April 2021 issue, available now! With Ford’s encouragement, Cosworth has built some era-defining engines over the years (check out our pick of the top five starting on page 32), but in recent times it’s definitely the YB turbo that has had the biggest effect on the classic Ford world. A relatively simple design by today’s engineering standards, this 2-litre engine is capable of producing almost obscene amounts of horsepower, yet it was designed over 25 years ago. Unsurprisingly then,
  2. Sorry about that! If you're still having issues finding it, drop me a PM and I'll sort something out
  3. We are 300! Join us in celebrating this milestone in the Classic Ford Spring 2021 issue — out now — featuring the best stories, photos and more, plus the top 30 feature cars of all time! When Classic Ford launched in 1997, we can well remember the buzz in the office when the first copies came back from the printers. We all knew it was going to be a success. Both the magazine and the scene have changed immeasurably since those days, but looking back through all the old copies to put together the 300th Issue special feature for this issue, it’s good to see the one thing that driv
  4. New year, new feature cars! Inside the Classic Ford March 2021 issue out now we cherry-pick the classic Fords you’ll be talking about this summer in our Class Of 2021 special! In the UK at least, winter has felt like a particularly long one this time around. But now we sense we’ve turned a corner and, with fingers firmly crossed, the show season hopefully on the horizon, we can look forward to getting our cars back out there, and for some, showing them off for the first time. In the Classic Ford March 2021 issue, we’ve cherry-picked examples that we think you should check out t
  5. The Classic Ford January 2021 issue is available now, and inside we celebrate the great and good of the classic Ford scene with our annual Awards special including Car Of The Year! With one year coming to an end, and another about to begin, it’s a fine time to celebrate the great and good of the classic Ford scene with our annual Classic Ford Awards. The best cars, gear and more of the last 12 months are given their dues, plus if you haven’t already turned to the feature to find out who won, we reveal your Classic Ford Of The Year. It’s been a tumultuous year for everybody, bu
  6. The Classic Ford November 2020 issue is out now, and inside we celebrate classic Fords on TV with exclusive features on The Sweeney Consul GT, Minder Capri plus the top 10 classic Fords on the small screen! Also inside this issue: Osian Pryce’s Mk2 Escort: The lowdown on the rallying star’s daily driver Capri 280: what to look for and how much to pay for the runout Capri model Tuning the Cosworth YB: ultimate guide to getting more from the YBT How to get the mag: Find your nearest UK stockist of the November 2020 issue via our Storefinder Can’t ge
  7. The October 2020 issue is available now. Inside we celebrate 45 years of the iconic Mk2 Escort with special feature cars, limited-editions and tech guides — it’s all here! Also inside this issue 300,000-mile Capri: Incredible, mile-munching Capri Laser that’s a constant rolling restoration for its owner Inside Boreham: Rare photos unearthed for Ford Motorsport‘s HQ during the heyday of the Mk2 Escort DIY brake lines: how to make up hard and flexi pipes How to get the mag Find your nearest UK stockist of the October 2020 issue via our Storefinder Can’t get dow
  8. With the Mk3 Cortina celebrating its 50th birthday, the September 2020 issue out today features a 12-page guide to the ’70s Coke bottle classic Plus rare four-door Escort Mexico, even rarer Anglia Touring, works RS1600 recreation, angle grinder tech, Zetec SE tuning guide, Escort Bonus and more How to get the mag Find your nearest UK stockist of the Classic Ford September 2020 issue via the Storefinder Can’t get down the shops? Order your print copy direct from the publishers: https://shop.kelsey.co.uk/issue/View/issue/CFD294/classic-ford-september-2020
  9. Road or track; how do you prefer your yours? In the August 2020 issue out now we’ve got both bases covered with two Mk1 Escorts that really define the circuit and Fast Road disciplines. Also inside this issue Top 10 Af-Ford-able classics: the best budget classic Fords you can buy for under £3000! Capri 1600XL restoration: one family’s incrediby-detailed restoration of their Grandad’s rare Mk1 Pro Street Corsair: 11 years in the making but well worth the wait How to get the mag Find your nearest UK stockist of the Classic Ford August 2020 issue via the Storef
  10. There’s nothing more satisfying than rebuilding your Ford yourself, and the Classic Ford July 2020 issue — out now — is packed with tips, ideas and inspiration to help you become a bona fide Homebuilt Hero! The backbone of the classic Ford scene has always been the enthusiast working away in the shed, adapting parts to improve their car. But it’s not just about tuning and improving Fords in 2020, of course — restoration has such as huge part to play in the build of any classic Ford now, unless you’re extremely lucky! And in these times of lockdown we’ve thrown open garage doors
  11. Inside the Classic Ford May-June 2020 issue out now, we pay tribute to Ford’s legendary twin-cam engines from the classic Lotus and BDA, to the more-modern Zetec and Duratec. Boy have we got a distraction for you this issue, with our focus on Ford’s always-awesome array of twin-cam engines. Since the first collaboration with Lotus (the Pre-Crossflow-based Lotus twin-cam of 1962), Ford has always pushed the boundaries with its powerplants, working closely with engineering geniuses like Cosworth and even Yamaha and Mazda for its regular production and high-performance twin-cam en
  12. The Classic Ford Spring 2020 issue is available now, and it’s a bumper 148-page edition dedicated to Ford’s 1980s Heroes! Pop music, fashion trends, politicians… looking back, they all help define a decade, and so does the automobile. So while in popular culture the 1980s might be remembered for Madonna, shoulder pads and, erm, Thatcher, this issue we’re here to sing the praises of cars that proudly wear the badge that is blue and oval. The 1980s was the decade that saw European Fords change forever, with big changes to the method of propulsion and driveline — not to mention th
  13. The April 2020 issue is out now, and with Spring on the way, it’s time to dust off your classic and hit the road. Don’t miss this essential issue featuring five great roadtrips to do this weekend Inside the Classic Ford April 2020 issue Road trips special: five great drives to do this weekend plus the best B-road Fords and essential trip advice How to replace A-panels: step-by-step guide to repairing the most rot-prone area of ’60s and ’70s Fords Sapphire Cosworth 4×4 buying guide: the most practical of Cosworths also makes a capable classic Ford Plus find out how
  14. Classic Ford March 2020 issue is out now, celebrating 50 years of Ford’s World Cup Rally win with our global special highlighting quality classic Fords from all across the world! The same but different. That’s probably the best way to describe the global classic Ford movement – a melting pot of shared car lines, model names, designs, and even running gear, but with the various Fords regional companies adding their own locally-sourced ingredients to make them all subtly different flavours. Add the owners’ own unique takes on styling, modifying and yes, restoration into the saucepan a
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