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  1. Cheers chaps yea its preety nice to drive, I've never driven a mk2 before so its takin abit of gettin used to after drivin mk6 escorts for years. Engine runs preety nice tho, low down torque is really good is just pulls hard from about 1500rpm. Its not ideal been so heavy but it goes well enough for that not to matter Colour is going to be yellow again, I did a few bits inthe engine bay and its quite abit brigther than the car is now.
  2. Heres a few pictures of my mk2 escort, its a 1979 4 door and was originally a 1300 auto. Its now fitted with a 2.9 v6 from a granada along with a type 9 box all wired in to keep the fuel injection. Front struts are capri 2.8 bilsteins with polybushes all round, rear axle is standard but with polybushed leaf springs and 1 inch lowering blocks. Brakes are capri vented discs with braided hoses. I bought the car nearly 4 years ago, its only got 41,000 miles on it and I have all the old MOT's. When I got it it had a different v6 partly fitted but it needed quite abit of work inc repairs to
  3. Excellent cheers chaps I'm after as many as I can get, especially a few near standard ones so any more are much appreciated
  4. Evening All Would anyone be able to post any rolling road graphs off 1600 crossflows that they've got? Im doing some modelling of one for my final year uni project but my engine isn't going to be ready for quite a while yet so it would be good to see some to validate my results. Heres my current engine spec but any graphs for 1600 crossflows would be much appreciated, cheers peeps 1660 crossflow, 681 Block lightened and balanced, Ported and polished head with combustion chamber in it, 38mm Inlet and 31.5 mm Exhaust Valves GT spec camshaft (BLF 22 I think?) Weber twin 40 carbs
  5. Looks good mate, how did you get on with the megajolt? Also whats a line lock for?
  6. PCT's and autotests are a cracking place to start, and will teach you more about car control than any sort of driving lesson will. I did one in a nova last year and it was a great laugh Also you can do some circuit racing, as one of the clio cup drivers of the team I work was only 16 at the start of the season, in which case you can probably do some sprints as well, best to check with the MSA though
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