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  1. youngpecker

    N.O.S. Reversing light

    Thank you ,Will bide my time for one!
  2. As title, 1 new old stock reverse light (or mint) wanted for Mk1 escort. Regards Lee.
  3. youngpecker

    Mk1 escort roof

    As title, Mk1 escort roof!, North east area preferred,
  4. youngpecker

    Starting issue

    Nice that you posted the 'FIX'. Loads of posts do not!!!! Cheers.
  5. youngpecker

    O/S RS/Mexico wing or Arch

    A pal of mine has just big winged his car!. He has just cut mex arches off brand new magnum wings ill ask how much. I guess he would want to sell as a pair mind!.
  6. youngpecker

    N.O.S. Mk1 Escort wings (not RS)

    Yes still here!
  7. Bought in 2012 thinking I might big wing my mexico. Stored in a dry loft, wrapped in anti rust paper since purchase. Change of plan (again) £400.00 Prefer pick up, May post at cost and risk to buyer!!!.
  8. Interested!!...what does the flange measure please?. Would you post?. Cheers
  9. youngpecker

    section 59

    lofl....this was explained to me as a motoring asbo!.My situation was I was following an old gent in a micra doing approx 20 mph in a built up area with his right indicator on.Feeling sure that if I passed the old gent he would probably make the turn right!.after around 100-150 yards he suddenly indicated left and stopped in the road pointing into the shopping square car park.with no reason to stop at all!!.Icould understand it if there were pedestrians crossing but no...I gave a short pip of the horn and put my 407 diesel into first and went around the old git with the slightest spin of the wheels.Bearing in mind I had my two boys in the car (8 and 10 year old)it would have been a little more than that if they were not.I recall seeing a police car in the said carpark unattended! Anyway about an hour later approx fifteen miles away at home my son said there was a policeman coming up the drive and I just laughed thinking he was joking.No it was plod!.on answering the door plod asked me if I knew why he was there! I asked him to enlighten me! He informed me it was about my aggressive driving! he informed me that the old gent (82 year old) was a little bewildered and said he didn't even realise I was behind him.(unaware of his surroundings)and that members of the public had said I was out of order.I explained what had happened but he was not interested in the slightest and on asking where he was when incident occurred he informed me he was in the carpark and witnessed the event! he was probably in the shops getting his bait as there was no hi viz in carpark which he denied ! I also stated frustration was more likely a reason than aggression and asked if he had ticked off the old git for been unaware of other road users!!!His reaction was to promptly issue me with the ticket (already wrote out) and informed me car would be confiscated if I OFFENDED again within twelve months.There is some good uns but the majority of em are bell ends!Anyway the years gone now I can drive like a apple pie again now...
  10. youngpecker

    Big thanks to Simon and Marc @ CF Mag

    Lovely mate!!!! read it at work this morning.great idea for the plates and stripes!!looks stunning.