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  1. Defo look like alleykats from a quick google search.. http://www.google.co.uk/images?um=1&hl= ... =&gs_rfai=
  2. yalnif09


    Skips and wotsits are good. I stuggle to decide too, shove em all in the same bag and do a lucky dip. Then, try doing the whole packet without chewing, just let them melt. You can still buy salt and shake, still taste how I remember them Beef Space raiders and tangy toms are my choice. top of the list when I go Macro. Um bungo and vodka FTW!!!! (Don't knock it till you tried it)... I've also seen the bazooka bubblegum with the joke in in a cornershop not to long ago aswell. I'm hungry now...
  3. I say Shot blast his balls!! As a last resort
  4. Sorry to hear that mate. low life scum round every corner these days. Not saying they potentially have half a brain cell between them but do you really want to be telling them on a public forum to come back and look for an inline fuse? Might want to get a stop lock/ steering lock. Chris
  5. agree'd was a good weekend even if I am a little burnt now. Was also the busiest I've seen it at brands for a very long time. Was nice to see the classic mk1 escort, capri and cortina classic touring cars too amongst others.
  6. Respect for trying Dan Yeah they only have to honour it if money has been exchanged as that forms the 'contract'. If it were Tesco however we'd all be laughing and waiting for delivery. They take payment straight away, not at the dispatch stage. Up till February, they did £290m+ of online trading and £9m million in losses for this exact thing where they have to honor their cock ups.
  7. My Order status is now 'Awaiting Stock'. Given this was on HotUKDeals and many forums I'd be suprised if they could meet demand even if they did want to honour the cock up. Also, they haven't taken money off me yet so reserve the right to pull the order. Oh well.
  8. It will be interesting, I'm not hopeful, don't even want one really as I think LCD tv's are crap but thought they might make nice Chrismas presents the led ones are alot better than the normal lcd ones It is an LED one? TBH, I didn't spend time reading just ordered in the nick of time. Even if it is LCD still better than my 6 year old LCD one Had letter today saying our astra is being written off so this would make up for it nicely.
  9. I've placed order as well for shits and giggles. 'Apparently' they reserve the right to cancel order. However, if you can be arsed you reserve the right to mention sale of goods act where by you have to honour advertised price. Fingers crossed for a right result.
  10. Rough guess is a gauge for steams engines in some shape or form. If now one comes up with more detailed info I'll ask a guy at work Monday who will know. Chris
  11. if it ain't broke... Looks spot on as is IMO. Your car at the end of the day, you got to look at it every day mate not us.
  12. found a mk2 and as it happened was the same model but an E reg so had the belts. Need to go back with a lever bar 1 was not budging but main thing is i got 1 also got the rear panels that cover the mechanism result. There were quite a few mk3's but was different.
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    Must....snap....credit....card...... Incase something cheap pops up
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