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  1. retro toe

    new car back owning a cortina again

    found it car and classic not much history only 3 mots lol, heard locked up for years and someone Sheffield rescued it restored it,
  2. retro toe

    new car back owning a cortina again

    here few pics off today started clean and polish it,was going take it down lakes but mrs wants xmass tree went in skoda estate instead here pics
  3. retro toe

    new car back owning a cortina again

    I did it was mooren payed for Cortina nearly,do lot traveling shows needed something better for moterways,
  4. not really project bought it cause wanted car could go down the moterway sold escort bought this,only thing want to do with it,put 4 headlight set up,wider set off wheels enjoy car
  5. retro toe

    my new ride its not cortina but its ford

    took it down coast rd ran like trooper even heater stared get warm must be new matrix,be planning road trip lol,
  6. retro toe

    my new ride its not cortina but its ford

    promised mrs pub lunch sun if weather nice go in escort up lakes,
  7. retro toe

    my new ride its not cortina but its ford

    passed mot,failed on 2 things no water washer bottle and back seat no fasten in,had take back homemade parcel shelf off so bolts could go through done in about 30 mins then bingo moted even thoe doesent need one,
  8. retro toe

    my new ride its not cortina but its ford

    yes have clean my garage its tip.
  9. retro toe

    my new ride its not cortina but its ford

    been busy had go right through wireing loom,got everything working again.renewed all earths one screws hold down consul was going through loom lol,gave it good clean,was going hoover it out.but mrs hoover pact up.i know it doesent need mot but going mot it next week,snapped bloody d/s door mirrior ordered new one.fingers crossed moted another 12 months off cruiseing wont be staying in garage be using her,
  10. retro toe

    thinking selling my escort

    its garnet red lol
  11. retro toe

    thinking selling my escort

    not aloud my son in law wants it,going nowere went for hike up lakes its staying what all the man hours had go throw had go throw ,had go throw all wireing last couple weekends sorted it now had put aftermarket temp gauge in reading hot all time affecting feul gauge lol,only thing not working is horn.orered new one,hopefully moted again,hit few shows next year,just go up lakes in it.here couple pics last show went to in my local town,think colour guards red looks like my old mk2 Cortina which was blackcherry,
  12. lucky done 60 miles in last 3 years spent more time doing her up.only thinking,mot up again luck been out in it dozen times.its mot exempt be mot it,for safety reasons,must get my mojoy back get back out there.always something else do or family get in way lol,
  13. retro toe

    dont use car wash

    went down my local car wash oppsite morrisons were my mrs works,been took over loads young lads doris runs it,came back couldent belive what done to my pride and joy.had do with doris called couple lads over had pay for this mess.full off streaks wheels are tarnished.took my 4 hours with cutting compound had wax it,worried about wheels getting some metal polish today.last pic is when finshed polishing all their marks off,fumeing if you live in barrow keep away strand car car wash,cowboys
  14. complete as possible anyone got spare one
  15. retro toe

    Car needs a birth certificate

    all info be on the chassie tag,