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  1. Thank you. It has been relentless and more than i Wanted to do (always the case!!) to be honest but worth the work.
  2. This was end result of puting complete floor in.....shame to of covered it in carpet.
  3. Some of the prep as I skipped that bit. Bare metaled car again then 2 stage filler and epoxy primer then some Ermine white. Running 9x13s rear and 8x13s front.
  4. So moving on.....car is now finished and just been setup by HT racing
  5. So just insured my Escort with you and also added breakdown cover. Brilliant service and polite and easy to deal with. Many thanks Leon
  6. Reg check is for a purple Ssang yung Rexton so you would hop they could pull some info in on this??
  7. I am in the middle of epoxy primer on my Mk1. I have bare metaled the car and it is off to the oven this week. Pros are as stated above it is not like primer and absorbs moisture and the green stuff I am using has a shine to it also so we can see any small dings we may miss with a matt primer finish. I am filling over the top as I have bubble arched the car and or me it will give a better longer lasting finish.
  8. I ran a welded 4.4 in my old MK1 and snapped 3 shafts and blew the diff out the back of the axle. This was on slicks at Santa Pod but also driving it on the road was ok in the dry but lethal in the wet. As Colr6 said ok on the loose but not much good on the road!
  9. Was it the spindle part the same or complete mechanismAppreciate the advice
  10. Looking for a mk1 escort wiper linkage or spindle as a splined end has gone missing from mine. Thank you
  11. I made my own loom for my pinto mk1 from 7 core trailer cable and put relays and fuse box in,cost me £50 to make. When I cosier it I got a hot rod loom from ezee wiring looms from USA for £85 and this came labelled up ready to fit. Depends how confident you are really?
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