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  1. check the pipe from the metering head to the throttle body take it off and pull it checking for splits
  2. have you tried just running a cable straight to the live side of the pump if it works start working back make a long lead with a light and check the cable between pump and the relay then check the power feed to the relay try to get the circuit back to original spec all the components are in the circuit for a reason
  3. boa drawing and it easy to fit the boa have done loads now
  4. i have a drawing but don't no how to post it gimbo
  5. to prove fuel fault get a mate to turn the engine over and squirt some easy start in the throttle body if it fires then fuel supply is to blame or control of fuel i had a issue with mine when i returned it to service when running all fine if left standing would not start traced to rusty fuel tank when running the rust moved about when left the rust would settle down by the pump inlet just a thought. grimbo
  6. if you are sure it is pump related disconnect the pump and put a lamp in it`s place tn on the key and see if it lights when it is running does it run ok if yes then it might be the cold start valve grimbo
  7. thanks for the welcome
  8. hi all now registered what happend to all the stuff that used to be in the shop rollcages ect grimbo
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