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  1. How come there's no stand at ford fair?
  2. Mine are wrapped it's an itchy crap job to do but it does drop the temps under the bonnet best if you have stainless exhaust as it does seem to rot out normal exhausts
  3. I've only got 100hp jets might up it to150 it's all forged with steel rods with a timing retard unit
  4. Don't go to mad with the spring rate 290/300 on the front works great on mine I had 400 and it drove crap and didn't handle as well
  5. the 17s where crap mainly because of the low profile tyres but 17s with a larger tyre are to tall
  6. 383 ci im going to stick with the nitrous for now just for cost reasons
  7. I had 17s on mine with low profiles it drove like a bag of shite tracked all over the road I've got 245/45/16 r888s on the back and 225/45/16 on the front drives nice handles great but I will go wider on the back one day as I've got mini tubs so can get wider on the back I think Pirelli have just brought out a wider style track /road legal range of tyres
  8. I have seen one in the summit catalog cheers .As for Mersey island I'd love to but the cars in bits all over the workshop lol
  9. none I was trying to find out what compression it has and cam spec as I wanted to supercharge it but it would cost to much so just checked it all and new gaskets etc
  10. Lol I don't really want one at all but could do with more clearance .i might try rods and sod s and I think you drove passed me the other day love the anglia
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