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  1. Don't think so ..... what?! I've been 'off air' a while but wondered if these gearknobs were ever made as they were really nice and I WANT ONE (If pssible?!! lol). Appreciate any pics but if piccies same as before they are really nice ... get my vote! Just asking if some still available at all? Hope you all enjoying the 'spring' weather!! Long live OSF!!
  2. Hi all. A while ago a OSF member was on about making some chrome type OSF gearknobs which looked really cool on the piccies and was just wondering if these ever came to fruition? Cheers all.
  3. Apologies for the rant ... Just gets me down, like im sure it does all of us!! I was taliking to a female friend of mine and we began talking about her life. God bless her she has had no luck wotsoever, not even bad luck ... Yep, it's been that bad!!! Anyway for all you 'females' she came up with a title ".............. and then the Menopause!!!" Although I'm a typical arrogant guy I felt the title was quite apt ... all the crap you go through then .....!!! lol. Anyway, sorry that life is so sad but altough I dont belive in 'Great Britain' anymore as we not 'GREAT' but I believe in the BRITISH people (No-matter what race, colour or creed WE are !). We ALL need to stand up for our Country, and although it's probly too screwed up for our generation ... Let's make it better for our children !!!! (Of which, I have none for your info .. and not through lack of trying!). Hopefully you have Health, if not you have love, failing that you have money ..... If none then you are dead already!!! If you answer YES to the above then you are one LUCKY S.O.A.B !!! OSF forever!!!! Yep, i'm pissed !!! lol
  4. Just a quick note ... but to reply .... It's those irresponsible people's borrowing, those & most of us people that pay tax AND 'interest', etc (excl. VAT, tax on savings, tax on earnings, tax on 'normal' spends, tax on the cars we own through hard earned WORK and not to mention the tax on FUEL & HUGE interest rates on what we may borrow!!!! ) Which I might add ALSO helps massively to the NATIONAL economy !!!! This Country has become the poor state it has over generations of poor Government spending (and many other issues obviously!!) & there is no quick fix ..... Unfortunately. In my opinion!! That aside. if we can all try keep our OSF's on the road & looking great like they do then hey, it's a big middle finger to all the tax grabbers I say!! Long live the Revolution (when/if it starts!! lol) & OSF!!!!!
  5. Total bummer!!! Dont know the guy but is truly aweful to hear bout more job losses .... especially bout people/things close to heart!! Also, i dont support a particular patricular party but dont blame the Con/Liv Government as I think they trying to do the right thing, though is going to be hard with no easy answer!!!! Look what Labour left .......................... Anyway, long live OSF's..............
  6. Sorry to hear your dilemma as I am sorry to read a lot of the posts on this subject. All I can say is you may be sad watching your lady be taken/driven away by someone else but you'll be evn more sorry seeing your partners face with no home, and your kids faces with old crap cothes and no food. Simple choice really, if needs be .... SELL in my opinion. Better to have loved and lost than to never have loved at all!! This country is in a poor state but I dont agree with foriegners, immigrants, etc. There is a whole host of issues but the biggy for me is the crap 'handout' state we have become. Where working is a mugs game, when people on benefits have 50" plasmas, smoke 20+ fags a day and drink constantly!!! Work ... why???? Something needs to be done for sure ... Just what????!!!!! Here's to the Revolution!!!
  7. Hello mate. Can't say how much in Luton but I have a set of 5 spoke 17" rims on my other car and they cost £50 each whihc included getting the kurb damage repaired and then painted in a moondust silver (which I think looks cool! ).
  8. What I want to know is where did Vista get my pic from????! Capri owners are just .... well ... better in everyway!!
  9. Worth 2k just for the horn!!! lol On a serious note ...2k for a 1.6? In my very inexperienced capri ownership experience that seems a bit steep even if it's 10mins down teh road. Though am sure that experienced ladies & gents on here will advise you much better than me! Cool horn though ... I want one!!!
  10. Cheers buddy,, will bare it in mind when I get a chance to fit it. Will keep you all posted & hopefully get some pics on when I a) take some and when I figure out how to do it! lol
  11. So far as I know mine is! But need to cut it to fit new stereo hence! Believe me have tried to find pre-cut one but no joy so am left with no option!!!! Fingers crossed, with advice from all OSF boys on here all will work out well !!!
  12. Not that I know off! lol. There was one cut and one uncut on e-bay yesterday and there is an uncut panel on e-bay at the moment. So unless there has been a sudden influx of them, tho typically, if I need one they will dry up! lol. Anyway, i need to cut it to fit new stereo as my old Ford one simply wont do ... only because I dont own any audio tapes and the aeriel has been removed so all in all, it wont do me much good!
  13. Cheers VC. Yea av got teh dash panel out, the whole dash has been removed as getting teh dials fixed, fitting dial kit, change bulbs, etc hence my though as whilst it's all out to fit a new radio rather than take it all out again! Okay bud, will just GENTLY hack away! lol. easier said than done with my sausage fingers but will have a go! Anyway, you will know how it went as if goes bad will post looking for a new dash panel! lmao Thanks again fella
  14. Oh dont worry will take me time!!! Did bid for a pre-cut dash but lost out! . Reall stupid I kno but I assume a hacksaw with a fine blade would be best? Or any other suggestions? Really dont want to screw this up and I have no luck wotsoever! lol. Thanks for the posts lads & take it easy!
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