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  1. im going over to watch it flying tomorrow should be a good weekend!
  2. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=e-bNPLfUG5M
  3. i got a fully monitored tracker for 300 quid .if its fully garaged and if you go out in it and dont leave it lying around theres not a lot more you can do, car theives arent bothered by alarms the ones that no what they are doing can turn it off in seconds, and especially oldskoolfords cos most of them are stolen to order ! and the worst thing is they will probably get rallied!
  4. i would say go for it but a buisness is an easy thing to start but a very time consuming stressful thing to keep hold of and keep afloat i think you probably need more than £1500 to keep you going to get you through the start up period, the things that whack you are things like liability insurance and business rates ie overheads ! if you are really serious you should seek some proper proffesional advice before you know what your letting yourself infor ! i wish u the best of luck.
  5. for having left hand drive headlights they cant be serious has anyone else had this problem? they say i have to get new headlights that dont face off to the right petty i reckon ?
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