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  1. at least we all know they SHOULD be less than £25 a pop when MST get their bulk order placed......nudge nudge, 😉😉
  2. Huge panic in Liverpool today! Apparently some Scousers thought Boris said by July every adult would be offered a job.
  3. I remember a mate having one of the fastback/coupe ones (your top photo RallyPack2000) but I seem to remember it was called a Firenza over here?? I stand to be corrected tho'
  4. if the photo was any better you'd see evidence of that difficulty in colour-matching, but I still love my car even in spite the peeling rear seat
  5. Thank you, the dent in the front wing is down to the Mrs (honest). I should've put the whole car behind the wall so obviously it's my fault.
  6. I used to hide the rear quarters but there's not always a wall where you want one.....
  7. Hi Murfeey just a quick apology for not getting back to you way back in October. Had a bit of a time of it since then with jobs (lost) etc. Hope you shifted all those parts ok. All the best
  8. Hi Murfeey do you have pics of the boot carpet and rocker covers? Cheers Andy
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