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  1. even I would fit under there
  2. wonder how much these are ?
  3. Hi Murfeey do you have pics of the boot carpet and rocker covers? Cheers Andy
  4. to dig the concrete floor so there's enough space for the ramps??
  5. Hi Voodoo, appreciate this is a late query but did you move all those parts on and was it one lot? I'm looking for a set of seat runners for a pair of mk1/2 seats. Cheers Andy
  6. Do you think they'll force aeroplanes to be electric, or rubber-band driven? Or trains and busses? Nah, probably not. Even if they do, unless they have a hooooge solar panel on the roof the power's still coming from burning something else or more cheap labour to wind the elastic. (anyone know of an energy-harvesting system for rubber bands?) This is why the Hell's Angels live their way all day every day. Enjoy what you've got before some to$$pot politician decides to take it off you. Lifestyles and all the crud that comes with them are changing at an exponential rate so all this could
  7. I agree with the comments regarding the show starting to lose it's classic appeal. I understand the need to make the show financially viable, but that's an 'eye of the beholder' sort of thing. If it's for classic cars then the organisers should swallow the fact that there might be less people attending one year, work out why, and deal with it. If they move the goalposts then it will get over-run with modern stuff and ultimately fizzle out anyway because you can see that stuff in the local retail park any day of the week. I certainly don't fancy going to the pod, paying 30 quid to get in (plus
  8. 'ave to wear yer traaasers rand yer ankles bruv....
  9. Hi good people, does anyone have a fiesta mk1 hazard light switch for sale? Nephews car just failed MOT for the switch not flashing!! Is it possible to swap the lamp inside? thanks Daddio
  10. what you got to do is buy the biggest bleedin' jammer you can find, then sit near your parked-up motor and see what happens. If someone plays around with your pride and joy you know where the jam the jammer.......
  11. evening peeps, when is the next meet planned for? I'd like to have a run out for the evening and see the sights.
  12. is there a link to buy these thingies??
  13. thanks for the reply buddy, the shafts are for my nephew's project, which is a W-plate 1981 1.1 reg is TGE955W. Cheers Andy
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