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  1. Sorry fella I’m on a mobile and I can’t seem to see how to reply to your message about my 1941 ford coupe,

    she drives very well can be a bit loud at around 40-50mph and at the moment she has a gearbox leak which I will get fixed or if I have  a buyer I will be willing to negotiate for this.

  2. 1941 ford coupe deluxe running a 305 Chevy, has air ride and the front sits on the floor, solid shell and clean underneath Dakota digital dash. all info in the photos paintwork Is good some chips in the paint Ideal deal would be a swap for a mk1/2 escort could p/x with cash my way as I have none spare 😫 £21,500
  3. As title says looking for a classic car must have 4 seats or more and pre 80s, I'm not sure what I am looking for so please post what you have to offer my budget is around £5000. Thanks.
  4. Just been looking about and I am looking for a Capri.
  5. As tittle says not sure what im looking for but have a budget of £2000 budget is getting bigger so £2400 no trucks or vans please.
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