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  1. Thanks Pete! yeah thats the answer i was hoping for, lost track of parts i have lol
  2. Does anyone know which car this crossmeber this is from?
  3. TomM90

    107e xmember

    Iv been looking around for different crossmembers and racks and things. Think i might go for the rack conversion kit off the 100e forum.
  4. TomM90

    107e xmember

    I have heard that a 107e xmember will fit straight into my 100e. what steering coloumn and rack would then have to be used? thanks
  5. Does the length of the inlet manifold affect performance? Iv seen on the burton website they do a 4.25" and a 3.1" long manifold. just wondering what difference it makes. thanks
  6. TomM90

    Rear axle 100e

    Iv been looking for a 105e axle for a while now and i cant find one anywhere. Is there any other axles which i might be able to get hold of that will work? Cheers
  7. iv bought a 1600 crossflow and 4 speed gearbox to put in it, i dont want anything bigger incase it cripples me on insurence. capri front struts, spax rear dampers, 2" lowering blocks, 105e axle (which is proving really difficult to get hold of) and the 100e rack conversion kit from ford100e.com. hopefully all these things are correct, from what iv been reading it seems about right.
  8. This is my 100e which i bought December 2010. I am hoping to rebuild and modify it with the help of my friends, none of us have any experience in doing this. so we are kind of just making it up as we go along with the help of the forums and lots of retro ford/ classic ford mags.Hopefully this thread will turn out ok
  9. i was wondering two things, firstly will a escort crossmember fit my 100e? and if so does that mean i can keep my 1600 crossflow as a rear bowled sump one? thanks
  10. TomM90

    front bowled sump

    thanks for the help everyone shortly after posting this i found an issue of retro ford that covered the whole task of putting a crossflow in a 105e. so its time for some reading
  11. after reading some articles in magazines and posts on here. am i right in saying that i need a front bowled sump crossflow for my 100e? and is it possible to change a rear bowled sump for a front one? tom
  12. TomM90

    why a crossflow?

    cheers guys, much appreciated slowly but surely my knowledge of old school fords is inchreasing aha
  13. So iv been looking at engines for my 100e and would really like to fit a 2.0 pinto. But im sure that this would cripple me on my insurence. In alot of the magazines i read it seems that everyone favours a crossflow engine in a 100e rather than the pinto. but why is this? thanks
  14. i was in two minds wether to post this or not as i didnt know if it would be a stupid question just been looking around the internet for engines for sale and i came across a 2.0 pinto and gearbox which was from a cortina. but i have also realised that 205 blocks seem quite popular. is there any difference between the two? as you will probably be able to tell all engine talk is new to me and i need to learn cheers
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