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  1. The original seller of the "Brown" MKI Escort as featured on Wheeler Dealers has put an answer on his current Ebay ad for a car he selling regarding the MKI Escort - and at that selling price I bet he not worried about bouncing another one around a field as well !! ********************************** Seats came from an izuza trooper ! but they know the best ,yes ca...r looked good in the end and yes i made plenty on it , it stood me in £465 thats why i gave it to my son but what the hell i have to many projects on the go now so its good to see one done on wheeler dealers...well done you guys ... coulour was wroung choice in my eye but good in others cheers nick.... ********************************** http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Mk2-Ford-Capr ... 1079262889?
  2. £1850 for paint and wing - which they stated at £120 each so leaves £1610
  3. Glad you like em ! Well it was also nice to see the "Barry Lee" car on Burtons stand at the NEC with a rear louvre fitted !
  4. Is this the look you after ? - lol
  5. How many ? Ok sorry now I see you answered my first question in your later post 1 or 2 members report Ebay V5 sales and as I have 7643 members then according to your "INSINUATION" there are 7641 who are "at it" regarding V5 / log books That is your statement I do not agree with. Also please bear in mind that to be a member of ANY website (mine included) does not then restrict said member from joining and being a member of another website. Again I repeat classified/private ads for V5's from ANY member of Rallye Sport Escorts are not allowed and as soon as I am aware of any such ads then they will be removed.
  6. Not needed on vehicles registered before 1st April 1980
  7. What if the owner of the "stolen" car has had the log book since the 1980's when his pride and joy got smashed up and scrapped but he never sent the book off to DVLA for scrapping and no insurance was involved as he was 3rd party F+T in the 80's. Then years later Escorts become worth serious money and he thinks he has a fool proof plan to get an insurance claim so uses his "long term owner" V5 to make a "claim" ! So no V5 trading was involved Just a thought and to be fair we will never know ! What needs to be tightened up is DVLA's procedure regarding V5's out there without a car - if there were no "spare" V5's there would be no Black Market !
  8. IF this is proven as an insurance scam then it should go along way to slow down the black market trade of V5's Also an insurance company require a Police Crime Number to progress with a Theft claim so I can only guess that the Police will become interested in this "claim" as well
  9. Found the Q+A's section but will e-mail em regarding existing corrosion http://www.evanscoolants.co.uk/faqs.html
  10. Thanks for the comments - I will update once it is actually in my engine ! Also here is what got me onto EWC in the first place http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZQk_X33B2iQ
  11. You mean what I said made sense to you ? Yep I have a pint glass for my Stella lol Actually Stella Artois has an alcohol content of 5.2% so it may work as an antifreeze - lol Not sure how good Stella 4% or Cidre would perform though !
  12. You mean what I said made sense to you ?
  13. The theory behind the concept is sound lets hope the application is as good !!! When you look into the science of water as a coolant then the theory makes a lot of sense to go Waterless Engines run efficient at apprx 90 deg/c yet water boils into steam at 100 deg/c Water freezes at 0 deg/c yet we often suffer temps below this figure here in the UK So when a rad cap is added it allows the water to boil at a higher temperature say 110 deg/c but a performance engine or an engine that usually suffers poor air flow or cooling properties will reach 100+ deg/c within no time at all - so the water will still boil Note:- once water boils it is unable to transfer heat from the engine to the radiator so no cooling can take place The addition of anti-freeze to water will actually lower the freezing point BUT this will also have a dterimental effect on the boiling point so again it not hard to boil the water/AF mix EWC can be put into a domestic kettle and it will not boil unless it reached 180 deg/c - it will still get hot which allows heat to be transfered to radiator but will not boil Hope this makes sense ???????
  14. I even got a cup to drink me Coffee !
  15. I have bought 2 x 5 ltr Power 180 for my RS2000 As my engine is a "fresh rebuild" there is no water in the block and the radiator is totally dry inside I have had to use workshop airline to blow out ALL traces of water from the heater matrix There is a water flush additive available but in my case engine not been in car for a year so have been able to dry out all components I have done a lot of homework before spending £110 to "cool" my engine !!! This fluid does not freeze till -40 deg/c and will not boil till it reaches 180 deg/c The best bit is that until it boils the fluid will not increase the pressure within the cooling system Get your engine roasting hot say for example 120deg/c and you will be able to remove rad cap without any coolant blowing out as what would happen with water/anti-freeze BUT BUT BUT I can not stress this enough if you do not FULLY DRAIN any old water from your system then Evans Waterless Coolant will have water particles within it and they will consequently boil Also you can ONLY top up (say a hose bursts or you replace rad or thermostat etc) with EWC hence reason I purchased 10 ltr Once I have finished my rebuild I will update on how EWC performs
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