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  1. looking good will have a look around it tonight I bet
  2. A festival day on saturday the 14th July at the tydd gote inn pub at tydd gote (thats on the A1101 between wisbech and Long Sutton), theres bands playing from 2pm till 11pm with a firework finale. The bands are The Platforms, Dr hasbeen, The Brink, The Hoodwinks, 3 Style, Keep it secret, Something Oblong and The Little Dave Band. A BBQ and Hog roast and a small beer fest with 12 real ale beers available is on all afternoon aswell. Free camping avalible. There is a retro car show we want as many cars as possible so if any of you want to come and put a old ford on show please do so. This is a charity event raising money for cancer research uk. Hope to see you there any questions are happily answered
  3. monthly meets are still on going some good turn outs!! still the first monday of every month remember anything retro goes so if there anyone with friends with any other cool old cars bring them along :)hopefully see you soon
  4. classic rock covers, blues, pop music so bit of everythin reali m8 should b a good day
  5. yh u did read correctly there is a music festival and car stand on the same day the 30th of july there are 7 bands playin and everything goin on as on the events page if interested in bringin car plse write on ova page thanks hopefully c u for a
  6. will deffo be there, hopefully have new engine in
  7. A festival day on saturday the 30th July at the tydd gote inn pub at tydd gote (thats on the A1101 between wisbech and Long Sutton), theres going to be a hog roast, bouncy castles so a nice family atmosphere. bands playing from 2pm classic rock covers, blues, pop music. and a car show, have a local classic car club coming aswell. free camping avalible if anyone wants to bring their car and put it on show then if you would be so kind as to say on here would be good as would like to get a rough idea of numbers thanks
  8. yh m8 any1 is welcome, we have set it up as a retro meet so anythin old and cool can come down yh the 6th june is the next meet cya there for a
  9. good meet monday guys. some nice cars out agen
  10. hi thts a smart fezz u got there
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