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  1. I've decided to sell my beloved Capri as I'm turning into one of those people that hangs on to a car for years saying it's gonna get restored and in fact it's just sitting in the garage doing nothing. I have done loads to it but it's not been touched now for nearly two years and I really have lost interest in working on it. I still want it but I want to drive it not work on it anymore. Most of the parts needed to finish it are bought and come with it. The work I've done may not be to everyone's standard so you might want to do them again, or not it's up to you. The engine runs fine but at the moment the gearbox is out with a new clutch waiting to go in. There is a thread on here but it's not up to date so more has been done since the last page. I really have no idea what what it's worth as it is with all the parts collected so we'll start at £1000 and see everyone's response. So far I've spent £875 pounds on it and hours of work and £££'s of petrol collecting parts so really £1000 is what it owes me. Check the thread and you can see what is up for grabs. I will be getting another OSF that needs fettleing or recommissioning rather than restoring so if you have a Granada or something estate or hatchback then a swap deal can be done. Any more info you require then feel free to get in touch. http://www.oldskoolford.co.uk/ipb/index.php?/topic/69618-look-what-ive-found/page-1 Cheers, Bod
  2. THREAD REVIVAL. I'm thinking of selling the old gal as she hasn't been touched in years. How much do you guys think she's worth as she is and are there any offers you'd like to make? Bod
  3. I've not had time to do much on the old Capri lately but the other day I noticed some bubbling under the vinyl roof so I bit the bullet and ripped it off. Oh dear, What a mess. Having said that none of the rust patches are holed so they just need treating quite quickly. Also I thought I'd try and make my door handles look more Mk2 than Mk3 by rubbing them down and giving them a polish. Came out quite well I thought. From this.... To this.... [/ URL] I also picked up a set of new second hand springs from Nial a while ago and so far have only had time to tart them up abit. And painted...
  4. Looks like that is a real tough crash bar on the back. Looks like it was made for a bit of banger racing. Looks like a good base for a resto though. Looking forward to following this one. (note to self- stop starting every sentence with 'looks')
  5. That is true Shaun, one crisis at a time. That looks like agood site Johno. I'll have a proper read when I get time.
  6. As always you are right. I just felt a bit low after putting the car away this afternoon but I will be back at it as soon as I have the time. Piece by piece, weld by weld it will get done.
  7. I bought a few panels in the week so I thought I'd have a go at offering them up to see how they fit. The lower valence actually almost fitted straight on if it hadn't been for the 3 ltr exhaust that I'd fitted and a small piece of weld on the O/S that I'd done ages ago. So I cut the pieces I needed to and it was a really good fit. next it need primering as it was in bare metal with preservative on it when it arrived. So here are the pictures. Primed. Thanks for the use of your washing line Hamster. I didn't get round to looking at the sill panel as you will see in a mo. The plan was to weld a patch in the hole of the N/S rear floor on the inside and then put a patch underneath as it's a double skin there. Howerver things didn't go quite to plan as usual. Have a look. Nice easy hole cut out. Patch made from the sacrifitial MR2 wing. Not alot left of it now. Welded in. Then I turned my attention to the under side and cut a little out then some more then some more and OH MY GOD STOP IT!!!!!! Looking back toward the front spring hanger. And from the outside looking toward the front. I lost heart at this point and took the dog down the beach to have a think about how to tackle that mess. The O/S is just the same. Do you think it's safe to carry on with this car looking at these pictures bearing in mind I'm just an amateur with a welder. Some encourageing words would be good at this point as I feel rather deflated and fed up.
  8. Hi, Does anybody know if it's possible to change the door lock barrels on a Mk2 where the locks are incorperated in the door handles. I've looked in the Haynes book of lies and it only shows you how to change the complete unit in the door. Cheers, Bod.
  9. I've just had a read through my thread this evening and have noticed to my horror that when you guys post messages,I don't respond. I have to apologise for that and will do so in the futre as I really do take comfort and motivation in the comments you make. So, I'm very sorry and please keep commeting.
  10. As per title. I think it's a N/S piece and has written on it 3.0 ltr though I suppose it will fit a 2.8 ltr. Very little surface rust and a clamp on the front end. Pick up only please from Norwich. £20
  11. Decided not to do the spring hanger today as the though of it just made me not want to anything at all. So I thought I'd do my neighbours a favor and sort out the exhaust pipe. I bought a half system from a guy near me a few months back for £20 but it came off a 3.0ltr Mk3 but I knew I could get the back box to fit as that was the bit that I needed. Anyway in the mean time a big bit fell out the centre box so it really was getting to noisey. So off came the pipes from the middle of the car backwards and I got the repalcement pieces out the loft of the garage. So guess what? So that wasn't going to work so out comes the welder again. Rotten piece cut out and plate stuck in. Nice bit of exhaust putty to cover the sins is always good. I had time after that to do the welding on the underside of the floor and also cover in the end of the sill and give it a coat of underseal aswell as the inside.
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