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  1. Passanger floor chopped New passanger side sill welded in New floor welded in and some patching is required! Also bought a new toy
  2. I've removed all brake lines/hoses its been sat for 20 years and they all had various issues... and since I'm fitting a Micra Master cylinder and servo i will then have a tandem M/C so each cylinder/caliper can have its own brake pipe!! I've re-attached the o/s rear wheel arch and fibre-glassed it in as best i can. i hope to put the gearbox back in soon and get on with more welding soon (a mates borrowed my welder). also chopped off the rear exhaust box (as rotten) and fixed the front lights electrics... i now have fully working lights, front and rear, bar the indicators (i think
  3. sill repair Quite a large gap between the grill and the bonnet - so i took part of the old front panel and turned it upside down to fit above the grill It's all welded on now i just need to add some metal to the wings and the edge of the bonnet. Grind it all back and fill where necessary. Hopefully it'll look reasonably normal. I'm hoping to get some Starmags for it too soon.
  4. not a huge amount further on but an update all the same: the yellow was spare hammerite - it won't stay yellow! Master Cyl was busted i fitted a Micra servo (sorry don't hate me) i had it stored away and just needed to drill 4holes for it to fit its the same depth and the cntre connected just needed a tiny bit of opening up to fit Had visitors this week and i had comments about the shop looking like a scrap yard so i did a quick blow over in blue and cleaned up the front grill got one bonnet pin on and thats as it stands hopefully refit the
  5. as it stands this morning messy but attached. not good at welding but good with an angle grinder!
  6. did a little more last night the front panel is fine but were it "joins" the wing is not - i believe that nasty Rot worm has been a chewing underneath some impressive filling! so a tacked some metal behind to keep it reasonably straight whilst i fabricate/dodge up the gap round the front... Let the pieces of bodge begin...
  7. resto/project page has now been started - thanks everyone. http://www.oldskoolford.co.uk/phpBB2/vi ... p?t=125160
  8. i've now started a restoration/project page here: http://www.oldskoolford.co.uk/phpBB2/vi ... p?t=125160 thanks for the warm welcome
  9. I'm reasonably new and have been encouraged to start a log of the Restoration so below is how i got it... And so far... front panel rotten through so cut it out new panel offered up and seemed ok new strength bolted/welded in grill checked for clearance whilst finishing some tacking in place both rear door were quite good so a good rub down i little filler and primmed then thought about maybe doing it Mercury Grey? i'm undesided about the colour atm plenty to do whilst i think it through Believe it or not after ju
  10. http://www.oldskoolford.co.uk/phpBB2/vi ... 26#1222426 pics now on readers rides
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