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  1. As above, I need a top hose housing for a 2.8 v6 on a carb. See picture Needed quite desperately!
  2. As above I need the top hose housing from a 2.8 carbed v6. Needed quite urgently! Anyone out there have one in their box o' bits? Cheears
  3. I'm after the little ignition module for my 2.8 v6 conversion.. I have the dizzy with the wires with socket on the end so I'll just need the module plus whatever wiring comes out of it if at all possible! Many thanks in advance!
  4. Cool, I'll have to check my funds and see what I can do. Is it all in good condition?
  5. Bloody hell I forget how expensive those boxes are nowadays! Haha where abouts are you mate?
  6. I'm after a cologne 2.8 v6 engine Preferebly one that is on a carb and has as many ancillaries as possible. Also a v6 type 9 box wouldn't go amis if there is one avaliable! Cheears Paul
  7. Is there a part number for just the pinto distributior oil seal? Mines leaking like a trooper! Any help is much appreciated
  8. I'm after the flange for the downpipe from a t3 turbo. I think the turbo is from a s2 rsturbo. Just need the 2 bolt flange not the downpipe if anyone has one avaliable? Cash waiting Cheers in advance!
  9. Cheers! I'm away for the week working.. I'm gonna try and fit the engine I have in next weekend but im not sure it's gonna fit as its slightly aftermarket shall we say... But I want something to race around in now its the beginning of show season. So if it doesn't fit I shall be in contact! Thanks again!
  10. After a 2.0 pinto if anyones got one lying around! Not fussed about what block it is Dont need exhaust manifold, inlet manifold or carb, gearbox, engine mounts Could do with flywheel, clutch, dizzy and fuel pump Cheears y'all! Paul
  11. I am after the above! I need the one for the carb model not the 2.8i One like in the below picture Cheears! Paul
  12. On a little tour behind the worlds biggest pile of aluminium down my local look what i found! Mk4, had a 2.0 pinto in it but thats as far as i could reach/see, shame it will never move again
  13. For those who may be interested... http://www.pistonheads.com/classifieds/used-cars/ford/escort/for-sale-mk4-escort-xr3i-rdw-cosworth/1692623
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