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  1. Only the gearbox left. The MT75 is the gearbox that superceeded the T5 on the Sierra RS Cosworth and is essentially bulletproof (much, much stronger than a Type 9). It has a cast in bell housing but will fit most Ford 4-bangers (Pinto, YB, Zetec). I have a concentric slave cylinder that I will chuck in with it. Wanting £50. Collection would be preferred (because palletising would cost as much as the box), but would be willing to pallet up for collection by courier, buyer to organise.
  2. The single leafs are 60mm wide. I'd do them posted for £50. Sorry for the delay, I've not been feeling too good.
  3. Does anybody know of any couriers that will carry heavier items? The quote I received for the English axle was £136!!!!
  4. There was definitely no whining coming from the diff when it was in my Escort. There is a bit of 'slop' in the movement, but only as much as you'd expect with a used diff (prop input moves no more than 5 degrees before the hubs turn). I reckon that rebuilding with a new crush washer will eliminate the vast majority of this. I can't vouch for the CWP because it's never been apart. I'm awaiting quotes on delivery because of the size and weight.
  5. I need to get rid of the whole thing, it's taking too much room up in my garage and slowing the project. I think I'd find it hard to get rid of just the casing. How much were you willing to offer for the diff only?
  6. ALL SOLD EXCEPT THE MT75 GEARBOX. Wanting £50 I have the following for sale: 2.0L Silvertop block (bottom end just been machined with new rings and bearings) 2 Silvertop cylinder heads (one has been modified to accept the RS Turbo exhaust manifold that is fitted) A Rover turbo inlet manifold with zetec adapter plate (the best flowing manifold for a turbo application) A set of 4 C20LET forged pistons (the block would need a rebore and the conrods would need machining to accept the larger gudgeon pins - but it's THE best way to lower compression without bodging with a decompression plate) A
  7. ALL SOLD EXCEPT THE SINGLE LEAFS - will do for £50 posted. Due to my project being V8 powered my English axle is not man enough for the job so it's up for sale. It's a 3.54 ratio, has 9" drums, 1" spacers and all the handbrake mechanism and all the hydraulic components still attached. Wanting £100 ono My project is being coilover converted so I have a pair of inboard Bilstein shocks for sale with all rubber boots and bushes evident, which are in excellent condition with no leaks etc. Wanting £50 ono Coilovers mean I have no need for my single leaf springs. All bushes, shackles and bolts
  8. ALL SOLD! Hi, I am selling some bits off my Mk2 Escort. I am currently doing a project which includes lightening the car where possible. My glass, bonnet and boot lid are all surplus to requirements. The boot lid is mint and comes with a spoiler fitted. There is no rust evident, in fact the only thing wrong with it is that the spoiler lifts at one end by a couple of mm (but this never bothered me). In the pictures the lock and Escort badge are on it, these will NOT be included in the sale. I am unsure what this is worth but the first person to offer me near £50 gets it. The bon
  9. p.s. keep your eyes out for bits for sale to fund the work
  10. Due to the damage evident in the photos below caused by my mates BMW brakes failing on a trackday at Cadwell last year (you can see the circular dint in the door caused by his wheel rim), I am taking the old girl off the road and giving her a lot of TLC. The car is immenently going to the bodyshop to get new panels stitched in, once straight she'll be coming back home to get fettled, including: A 5 linked rear jag axle with LSD Rear coilovers Adjustable front suspension A bespoke wiring loom A 6 point roll cage Changes to the bulkhead and transmission tunnel to allow custom fitmen
  11. Do it! Look s alright to me, it's different and if you like the idea, why would you not?
  12. Just had the same problem mate. Their customer service is non existent. Mine have apparently been dispatched, but I aren't holding my breath. Won't be using them again!!!! Did your parts turn up?
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