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  1. Yeah, that launch video is from v6 twinturbo days (if you meant actual launch control testing). Or this v8 first start vid? 🥴
  2. There is couple videos in the previous page
  3. Thank you sir Small updates for this. Did take the gearbox off the car in October to be sent to Quaife for their assembly mistake repair. Got the box back in December, took a bit long time because they didn't have the part in stock and manufacturing it did take a long time. But main thing is that I have the box now and it's as it should have been from day 1. Did throw the box back in place and made small correction with prop shaft front cv-joint. I had mounted it backwards (oops) and it was missing end cup (i didn't find it at the time). Hopefully grease w
  4. Hi, Thank you for guys for the positive comments, nice to hear 😎 Yeah, 4.88 mostly because did find one second hand for reasonable price and I wanted to use that expensive gearbox and it's ability to shift fast. But also that Windsor is pretty revvy engine when you look it dimensions. Hoping peak power to be over 8000rpm, we will see.
  5. Then some engine building. Due some wrong information on piston manufacturers site, compression ratio is only around +13:1. And finally time to put it where it belongs. Exhaust is made from 3" stainless with x-pipe and Spintech "mufflers" (yes, they are loud) Some oil pressure priming before closing the engine with freshly painted valve covers. Needed to print mounting plate for the air filter, this is just prototype made from PETG which isn't good for
  6. So it's been a while from last update, sorry guys. But here is short summary with some pictures and videos of the car :) Last pics did show some front control arm fabrication, they are finished and all painted and also the front subframe has been blasted and repainted after some modifications. Did also put new steering rack because the old one was leaking and didn't find correct repair kit for it. I did redo all the car wiring using local made PDM style distribution boxes, made by SPLeinonen. Basically I have one master unit under the dash and then there is two slave un
  7. Hi guys, been a while from last update. Some intresting things happened, sold the old v6 engine and also the bmw gs6-53dz gearbox. To replace these I bought stock sbf 302cid from truck (f-150 probably or a bronco) and gearbox will be that quaife 69g (quaife makes bellhousing to fit 302 ford motor) which I have own for couple years already (just been sitting in my bedroom all this time) Don't worry, this std motor will be only used to get the car pass the inspection for bigger engine, because now I can use australian 4.1l model as a reference car. With that I can put 189,3hp en
  8. Yes there is bmw clutch slave cylinder pushing that sierra/scorpio/cosworth style abs cylinder (without the abs of course). Just made bracket to hold them together:
  9. Friend of mine did call at wednesday that they would need a car asap to a car show which was taken that weekend. So I decided to back him up and bring my car there, because the another car did cancel just before the show, so they where in bad spot.. Here is the pic when we got the cars inside and placed where we wanted them to be Random pic from driving around last night..
  10. Rolled the arches little bit, still need to buy 225/45x15 r888 to the rear to see how much more is needed. Also have been working with the head too. Bought 1mm bigger supertech valves and started to port the head too from inlet manifold and exhaust faces. Local head guru will be doing valve seats and openings, just need to buy camshafts etc for him to do valve lash adjustment at the same time too.. After that it's pretty much done. Friend of mine did weld that egr takeoff shut.
  11. Hooked laptop to the ecu and drove with my friend so we could adjust all the cruising cells at the maps to leaner. They were pretty rich after dyno, different thing to drive to downhill, uphill or level road with same tps and rpm. So we made adjustments to map correction table to get those most used cruise cells leaner, so after this I made the closed loop control to work. Maybe I get little bit smaller mileage with the tank Also finally made ball valve bottom of the breather tank, so draining it is now much easier than earlier. I always needed to take the wheel and inner fender out to op
  12. Thank you This is how the car looks at the moment
  13. Hi. Update on this, i have now changed new turbos and have made 2-piece propshaft. Its now at the balancing Shop. Did try at the same time when i made the propshaft what would the car sound with only open downpipes -> Made me think again To add some cutouts to the exhaust
  14. Thanks. Haven't been doing much with this, but started to port the head by myself. Will be intresting to see how far I can push it.. And prototype water inlet made
  15. Problem solved with new Cherry made hall sensor. Car is now resting over winter, new turbos are arrived and also bmw propshaft too. Will update those in the spring first thing before driving more. Small soundcheck before putting to rest. Launch at 5000rpm and normal limiter at 7200rpm. Sounds pretty nice I think
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